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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Woodland Creation at Letrault and Stuckenduff

Added on 18 December 2020

We have received notification on the proposed woodlands.

All the information that we have received  have been posted on this website.

 Despite the concerns of the Community Council and residents regarding the  movement of timber trucks associated with harvesting from Highlandman's Wood over the past two years, and the indications that another route could be found for these new plantings as well as the harvesting of the three other phases from Highlandman's and Torr forests,  these proposals still detail Pier Road as the Access Road. The Operation Plan provided by Scottish Forestry states:

"Further consultation with interested parties will be required to resolve this issue and find a solution to move forward".

A survey, along with a short summary of the situation,  has been sent to everyone on our Mailing list. Alternatively you can click on the external link below to complete the survey.

Please let us know what you think by completing the survey asap.

 The consultations close on 15th January 202. We have asked for an extension but have not heard anything to date.