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Rhu & Shandon Community Council


Scottish Woodlands have sent a revised Timber Transport Management Plan(TTMP), effective 4th August 2023, which should be adhered to by all Forestry vehicles using Pier and Station Roads.

Latest Information

Updated 7th February 2024

Removal of Diseased Larch- this started on 31st October 2023

The main blocks of larch were removed before Christmas.

There are a number of smaller blocks that a team of chainsaw workers have been felling last week  and this , but this will not result in tmber haulage.


The Forestry vehicles are supposed to adhere to the latest Timber Transport Management Plan TTMP.

To report deviations, phone Argyll and Bute on 01546 605514 and ask for Raymond Kane. The name  given  in the TTMP is Stuart Watson.

So far there have been 3 reported  deviations, plus several instances, not reported, of vehicles travelling above 20mph on Pier and Station Roads and anove 40mph on the A814. 

  • 1st November: Loaded vehicle did not leave Pier Road until 3.08. According to Mike Page the vehicle got stuck behing a vehicle.
  • 9th November: Several reports of an empty truck with trailer, travelling down Laggary Road, when it was unable to get up Pier Road. Argyll and Bute were informed.
  • 17th November: Loaded vehicle travelling down Pier road at 8.37.  Argyll and Bute were informed.


New Woodlands at Letrault and Stuckenduff.

The Regulators, Scottish Forestry have  served an EIA enforcement notice on Scottish Woodlands prohibiting them from doing any further road building until we have issued our screening opinion.

Grant funds for fencing work done are being withheld until Scottish Woodlands have supplied all the information that Scottish Forestry rquire.

In the first week of April 2023  at least two logging truck were seen on the A814 in the Helensburgh Area.

 Rhu and Shandon Community Council understand that they was not authorised to be there. This is not the route that they should be following to the Cardross Sawmill.

 We are not the only community in Scotland who have issues with Scottish Woodlands, the company responsible for Forest Management. Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council have similar issues concerning Ballyoukan Forest. In an interview with Heartland Radio on July 26th last year, Charles Bushby, now a director of SW said,  "if anyone is sees the rules being broken, they should take the registration number and forward the information to SW".

So now you know.  If anyone sees a logging truck in our area, please take a note of its number, its location and the direction of travel plus the time, and send this information to or to the  or to any member of the Community Council and we will ensure that the information is passed on. 

If you can take a photo it would be even better!

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