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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Latest Information May 2024

In 2023, Gresham House recieved a Preparatory Project Grant (PPG) grant to investgate the creation of an alternate route avoiding Pier and Station Roads. We were informed in April 2024 that the participants were not able to reach an agreement on access so  there was no pathway to developing a Scottish Timber Transport Scheme (STTS) grant.

Battle for Alternate Logging Route

A meeting was held on 6th September 2022 attended by

Fiona Baker, John McGall, Alastair Moore, Laura Freeland and Thomas Baylem from Rhu and Shandon Community Council and 

  • Craig Armstrong: Operations Manager for Scottish Forestry,
  • Mike Page:Scottish Woodlands  (SW). Manager for Letrault and Stuckenduff Woodlands and Highlandman's and Torr Forests
  • Agathe Stoffel: SW. Assistant Forest Manager
  • Iain Catterwell:Project Officer  Argyll Timber Transport Group(ATTG)

Apologies were received from Raymond Kane A&B Roads Department.

Click here to read the minutes of that meeting.

You will see that the following was agreed unamimously:

All representatives at this meeting, RSCC,
SF, SW and ATTG agree that RSCC and the local
community have legitimate concerns with the
current haulage route and every effort will be
made to secure a new route that does not make
use of village roads.

Click here to read the emails which followed this meeting. 

You will note from the emails above that it is the intention of SW  to start work on the paths in Letrault and Stuckenduff in late January 2023. We are faced with the imminent prospect of quarry trucks and low loaders on Pier and Station Road on their way to build a forest track to service the woodland development.  More information in Forest Roads and Paths. As we are in phase 2 of the extraction from Highlandman's and Torr, we would expect Timber trucks later in the year on Pier and Station Roads. 

Mike Page says on his email of 8th December 2022 "Can I take it that R&SCC have lifted their objection ?" 

You will not be surprised to know that we have NOT lifted our objection. Click here to read the confirmation of our objection.

We have informed the Community of these developments in Newsletter #113

January 2023:

Scottish Wooodland confirmed That Mike Page is in charge of negotiations with Gresham house about identifying and funding an alternate route

 Helensburgh and Lomond Area Committee 14th March 2023

Our Convener John McGall asked that the transportation of timber related traffic on Pier and Station Road be paused whilst the alternate route was being explored.

Text of his question

Maurice Corrie has offered to contact Gresham House.

Watch this space!

See the report of the meeting held with Adam McLean of Gresham House on 22nd June 2023//felling-in-highlandman-and-torr-forest

Logging truck have been seen on the A814 in the Helensburgh Area.

 Rhu and Shandon Community Council understand that they was not authorised to be there. This is not the route that they should be following to the Cardross Sawmill.

 We are not the only community in Scotland who have issues with Scottish Woodlands, the company responsible for Forest Management. Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council have similar issues concerning Ballyoukan Forest. In an interview with Heartland Radio on July 26th 20-22, Charles Bushby, now a director of SW said,  "if anyone is sees the rules being broken, they should take the registration number and forward the information to SW".

 If anyone sees a logging truck on an unscheduled route, please take a note of its number, its location and the direction of travel plus the time, and send this information to or to the  or to any member of the Community Council and we will ensure that the information is passed on. 

If you can take a photo it would be even better!