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Forest Roads and Paths

Forest Roads and Paths


Formation of Forest Trails 21/02614/PNWAY.  Highlandman's And Torr Forest : March 18th 2023- Awaiting Decision on the A&B Planning Portal.

Update March 18th 2023. A large excavator travelled up Pier and Station Roads tp start winning stone from the quarry in Highlandman's wood, for the forest path. Image of escavator on the news pages.

 The documentation for this appeared in the weekly planning list on 17th December 2021, which was when we saw it, with the deadline for comments being 5th January 2022. The new owner of the land shown below is an Investment Company  based in Oxfordshire.  Forest paths are classed as Permitted Developments  Regulations are in place which protect the habitat and surrounding land and the response made by the Community Council emphasied the necessity of these and objected, not for the first time, that the services of this new woodland is proposed, in perpetuity, to be via Pier and Station Roads. Click here to see the response made by the Community Council. We also submitted an Archaeology report

The following two images show the paths which will be constructed. You can get better images from the planning website by typing the reference number into Simple Search.