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Rhu & Shandon Community Council


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File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
20220608_agm_agenda.pdf22 June 2022127kB
20220608_agm_financial_report.pdf22 June 2022625kB
20220608_conveners_report 2022.pdf22 June 2022338kB
20220608_secretarys_report.pdf22 June 202299kB
20220608_RSCC_AGM_MINUTE.pdf21 June 2023185kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
201211215_agm_draft_minute.pdf22 June 2022192kB
20211215_agm_agenda.pdf22 June 2022131kB
20211215_agm_conveners_review.pdf22 June 2022830kB
20211215_financial_report_for_2019 2020_ and _2020 2021.pdf22 June 2022263kB
20211215_secretarys_report.pdf22 June 2022185kB
r and scc_20211215_agm_secretarys report.pdf22 June 2022185kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
20190612_agm_minute.pdf22 June 2022188kB
r and scc_20190612_agm_agenda.pdf22 June 2022100kB
r and scc_20190612_agm_appendix2_secretarys report.pdf22 June 2022101kB
r and scc_20190612_agm_appendix3_conveners report.pdf22 June 2022188kB
r and scc_20190612_agm_draft_minute.pdf22 June 2022195kB
r and scc_2019_agm_appendix1.jpg22 June 2022250kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
20180612_appendix 1.pdf22 June 202288kB
20180613_agm_agenda.pdf22 June 2022100kB
20180613_agm_appendix2.pdf22 June 2022147kB
20180613_agm_appendix3.pdf22 June 2022230kB
r and scc_20180613_agm_appendix5_proposals.pdf22 June 2022189kB
r and scc_20180613_agm_minute.pdf22 June 2022188kB