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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Red Cross Hall as a Community Hub

Added on 11 March 2020

 Open Meeting in the Red Cross Hall

 Saturday 14th March 2020

between 3pm – 5pm

More information will be available and there will be an opportunity to contribute to the discussion about the future of the Red Cross Hall.

 If you have not completed the survey  there is a lnk below.

This is part of the feasibility study for Community Ownership of the Red Cross Hall. The survey is seeking to establish whether there is a need or demand for the Hall by the Helensburgh Community and if the people of Helensburgh would use it and if so for what. It is an important part of the case for Grant Funding so the more folk who contribute, the better. It is very short and easy to complete. Paper copies are available at the Helensburgh Parish Church Hall and at the Red Cross Hall if you wish to access a paper version.