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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Polling date December 12th

Added on 23 November 2019
  • Have you registered to vote yet? If you want to take part in the General Election then you must be registered to vote. It’s quick and easy to do and you can do it online. You must be registered by 26 th November in order to vote on 12 th December. Apply online  and make sure your vote counts!
  • If you’re due to be away from home on Polling Day, or want to ensure that winter weather doesn’t stop you from using your vote, you can apply for a postal vote. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 26 th November. You can apply on-line.
  • Do you want to vote in this year’s General Election but are unsure whether you can make it to the polling station – perhaps due to medical treatment? You can apply to nominate someone else that you trust to cast your vote in your place. Find out more , but make sure you apply before 4 th December.