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New Fire Alarm Standards

Added on 13 September 2021

You may recall that these should have come into force in February this year ,ut were delayed because of Covid.

The new date is February 2022. Last year by October Alarms were difficult to find, so if you did not get them last year, you should not waste any time!

 The external link below  is to web pages which informs you of the requirements.

The cost for an interlinked system with sealed long-life battery alarms in a two storey house is around £220, if you fit the alarms yourself. There will be an extra cost if you get a tradesperson to fit them for you.

You should:

  • look for a recognised brand
  • use a reputable retailer
  • read online reviews 

check that each alarm complies with the following standards - 

  • Smoke alarms: BS EN14604:2005 
  • Heat alarms: BS 5446-2:2003 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors: British Kitemark EN 50291-1