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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Latest News on Woodland Developments at Letrault and Stuckenduff.

Added on 27 February 2021

Howard Young,  the Planning Officer in charge has prepared a Green Delegated Report on each of the applications. On the basis of these,  Fergus Murray, Head of Development and Economic Growth at Argyll and Bute, responded to the Scottish Forestry Consultation indicating that he had no objection to the developments.  These four  reports are posted on our the Letrault and Stuckeduff page of our website.
 Charlie Owen from Scottish Forestry has said that he accepted the serious concern felt in the community about the use of Pier and Station Road and has forwarded the objections onto Scottish Woodlands who is the agent for the landowners. 

Maybe we will finally get the consultation we have been asking for!

 The article in the Helensburgh Advertiser is factually inaccurate. There will be  200 hectares of woodland created, but only about 10% will be native woodland, the rest is commercial planting.