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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Kerbside Food Waste Collection resumes from Monday 17th August

Added on 13 August 2020

As before Covid-19 restrictions, this will be on your usual collection date. 

  • If you  have run out of bags for your food caddy., you can pick up a roll of caddy bags, from Helensburgh Co-op
  • If you are unable to get to the shop to pick up bags ready for the first collection, please put your clean, EMPTY caddy, with any bag tied to the handle, out on the kerbside on your first collection day. They will leave a roll of bags in the caddy and you can resume your food waste recycling as normal the following week.
  • Please don’t put out a caddy with unbagged food waste, particularly if you need a roll of caddy bags.  They won’t leave a clean roll of bags in a dirty caddy.
  • Do not to put any food waste in a normal plastic bag.  The food waste is processed and turned into either energy or compost and normal plastic bags would interfere with this process.