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Join the worried well!

Added on 27 March 2020

Help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well ????.

Download the app 

  • Take 1-minute to self-report daily, even if you are well.
  • Help our scientists identify:
    • High-risk areas in the UK.
    • Who is most at risk, by better understanding symptoms linked to underlying health conditions.
    • How fast the virus is spreading in your area.?

The app, which operates on an opt-in basis, would alert people to new cases in their area as well as allowing people to input their own symptoms, with the information shared with the relevant authorities. 

The developers accept that there are a few bugs. I was unable to login on an Ipad. The recommendation is to re-install the app.   Anyone who succeeds, please let me know.

There is no web version of this at present so it will only work on Android or Apple products