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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Garden Bonfires

Added on 26 April 2020

A&B Environmental Health have published a leaflet giving advice on Home Bonfires. 

 The burning of waste, particularly in built-up area can cause a nuisance.

 Please be considerate and only burn if you have to . Home compost what you can.

 The advice is, if you have to have a fire

Do not burn  before  6pm  and make sure that the smoke does not cause a nuisance to your neighbours. 

 If a bonfire is causing a nuisance to neighbours then action can be taken under Section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Council can serve an abatement notice requiring the bonfire to be put out and preventing bonfires in the future. 

 Failure to comply with the abatement notice is an offence carrying a maximum fine of £5,000.

Environmental Health will investigate nuisance complaints in relation to bonfires.

You can contact them 

  • by telephone on 01546 605519 or
  • by email at