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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Argyll and Bute from A to Z

Added on 16 August 2019

Argyll and Bute Council have been highlighting some of their key services, from A-Z, and asking the people who do the day to day jobs, exactly what’s involved.

These have appeared in the Weekly News Round-up and are collected together here. 

A is for Adoption,                                                

B is for Benefits,

C is for Community Group Support ,

D is for Dangerous Buildings,

E is for Economic Development

F is for family milestones

G is for growing our own

H is for housing

I is fo icy conditions

J is for journey planning

K is for kitchen skills

L is for licences

M is for marine services

N is for noise

O is for Oban Airport

P is for Planning

Q is for Qualifications

R is for Regeneration

S is for Social Work

T is for Teaching

U is for understanding need

V is for voting

W is for website

X is for x-ray

Y is for young people

 Z is for Zero Waste