Archived Consultations 

Review of the Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils: Closed  26th November

Proposals to amend the existing 2018 Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Argyll and Bute.  The amendments are to allow community council meetings:

1. to be held by remote means; and 

2. to be held by combination of remote and in person attendance.

Short Term Lets: Closed October 29th 2021

The government wants to 

  • Make sure all short term lets are safe
  • help issues faced by neighbours
  •  help communities understand what is happening in their areas with regard to provision of short term lets.

Helensburgh to Garelochhead Cycle path: Deadline 10th October 2021

Managing Flood Risks:  Deadline 31st October

SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) is asking for your views on flooding to help develop national and local flood risk management plans. The above link gives information about the background.

For the Clyde and Loch Lomond Local Plan  click on Flood Risk Management Plan

CC response

Police Scotland Public Confidence:  Closes 31st March 2021

Police Scotland are undertaking a survey  to track public confidence levels and experience of our approaches to policing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey will capture people's feeling of safety and any concerns they have which we can address operationally and through our information campaigns. The survey will also capture feedback from those who have contacted us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proposed advice on repair and replacement of windows in listed buildings and conservation areas: Closes  31st January 2021

Argyll and Bute are  looking for your views on the draft Argyll and Bute Windows Technical Working Note, which provides advice on repair and replacement of windows in listed buildings and conservation areas, before it becomes part of our non-statutory planning guidance.

Click here to read a technical working note and answer a short survey.

Boundary Commission: closing date January 4th 

 This is a review of the electoral arrangements for Argyll and Bute. This does not affect Rhu and Shandon but it is proposed that Helensburgh will lose one of its Concillors

Introducing market restrictions on single-use plastic items in Scotland: Closes 4th January 2021 

The focus of this consultation is to gather views on our planned approach to introducing market restrictions on single-use plastics in Scotland. Consultation responses will be analysed and will inform our policy, as we match the EU Single-Use Plastic Directive. Subject to the outcome of the consultation, it would be our intention to legislate for these changes in 2021. 

 Read the Consultation Paper  Begin the Consultation

Budget Consultation:  closed 11th January 2021

Argyll and Bute are trying to identify savings options in order to bridge this estimated gap when the budget is announced at the end of January.

You can see more information on  the budget challenge page .

Procurement Strategy and Sustainable Procurement Policy Consultation: closed 20th Nov 2020

Respondents had three weeks to comment after which A&B will take the feedback on board and use it to help us develop the final drafts of the Strategy. The link takes you to the draft policy. The consultation is an the end of the document

Argyll and Bute Bus Services Consultation: closed 24th Nov 2020

The survey sought feedback from people who use bus services and those who do not.

You can read about the budget challenged faced by following via this link

Access to Argyll and Bute: Project Corridor Options: Closes 30th October 2019

A&B are asking for comments on  11 project corridor options

Amenity Services Consultation: Closed October 18th 2019

This was designed to address the Budget Challenge for 2021-22.

It concentrated on the Amenity Services section of the budget. It did not ask for identification, not even which of the four Council areas you were commenting on. 

Local Housing Strategy: Closed 21st August

The new Local Housing Strategy which sets out priorities for action in the next five years (2021-26).ter to you. 

Click on the external link below to complete the survey. 

Near Me Consultations: Closed July 24th and August 3rd

The Government’s vision  that all health and care consultations in Scotland are provided by Near Me whenever it is appropriate – and it sort views on that vision.

The use of video consultations in Scotland has rapidly escalated since the pandemic started. Prior to March, there were around 300 video consultations using the Near Me system; by June, there were almost 17,000 every week, with around 150,000 in total.

Across NHS Highland, the numbers rose in this period from 86 to 1,156 per week, with 10,138 in total. And in Argyll and Bute specifically, Near Me is being well used in GP practices, mental health services, maternity and obstetrics, paediatrics and a wide range of other specialties.

Both the Scottish Government team behind Near Me  and Greater Glasgow and Clyde  carried a major engagement exercise to find out what people think about how the system might be improved for the future. 

Survey of Rural Scotland's Covid-19 Experience: Closed May 31st 2020

The Scottish Government wanted to capture the individual, community and grassroots experiences of rural Scotland. The Scottish Government recognises that everybody has an important perspective on this crisis, as well as valuable opinions on what should be done to plan for the future. 

 For the record Rhu and Shandon is classified as Accessible Rural 

Consultation on Statement of Licensing Policy 2020: Closed April 30th 2020

Proposed Licencing policy. The policy changes are in this document.

At the end of the consultation period, all responses will be considered by the Licensing Board and any consequent amendments to be made will produce the final Statement of Licensing Policy.

Health and Social Care Policy Consultation: Closed March 4th 2020

Joint Strategy for Policing: Closed March 2nd 2020

In December 2019, the Scottish Govenment updated its Strategic Police Priorities, prompting a refreshment of the Scottish Police Authority's and Police Scotland’s strategic police plan and long term strategy for policing.The Key areas of focus  are outlined below:

You can read the full strategy on the following link

 See the overview and  the questions in the survey 

 Allotments Regulation Consultation: Closed 24th February 2020

Argyll and Bute Council is committed to encouraging and empowering people to grow their own food and have set out our ambitions in a draft strategy. We want to ask your views on proposed Allotment Regulations which will form part of the guidance and legal framework to promote and encourage community empowerment and participation in growing food.

Early Learning and Childcare (ELC): closed February 17th 2020

Argyll and Bute Early Years is committed to provide high quality early learning and childcare which, ensures every child in your area is able to access their funded entitlement in a high quality setting which meets their needs. We would like your views on the provision on offer in Helensburgh and Lomond following the recent phasing of 1140 funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC). 

Second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2): closed 10th January

STPR2 will inform transport investment in Scotland for the next twenty years and your input will help Transport Scotland to deliver the vision, priorities and outcomes for transport set out in the draft National Transport Strategy (NTS2).

Further information and a link to the survey. 

Integration Scheme between A&B and NHS Highland: Closed 17th January

In 2016, Argyll and Bute Council and NHS Highland brought all health and social care services together to form the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).  The main purpose of integrating these services was to improve the wellbeing of people who use them, particularly those whose needs are complex and involve support from health and social care at the same time.

A Scheme of Integration was subsequently agreed in 2016 which provides information about which health and social care functions and services will be delivered by the HSCP.  By law this must be reviewed every five years and submitted to the Scottish Government for approval.  

Summary of Revisions 

Local Development Plan 2 LDP2: closed January 23rd 2020

This will set out planning and development proposals for the next 10 years from 2020 and a vision for 20 years.

A Consultation Event was held onTuesday 10th December 3pm - 7pm in The Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre 

LDP2 Newsletter

Budget Consultation 2020-21: Closed 16th December

Argyll and Bute Council is preparing to meet an estimated funding gap of £9.2 million in 2020/21

The council has identified some possible savings options and  are working to identify more.

The consultation asked you  about your priorities generally, and about your views on specific savings options identified. You can read them again 

Police Scotland Community Survey: Closed 31 Dec 2019

The https://consult.scotland.police.uk/surveys/your-police/survey asks residents about their opinions and concerns around Local Policing and community issues.  The responses will help mould the Local Policing Plan for 2020 – 2023.

Tourist Tax- Closed December 2nd 2019

This consultation sought to develop government understanding of the issues and concerns with regard to the introduction of a Transient Visitor Levy and help inform the development of legislation to enable local authorities to apply a visitor levy. 

Consultation information 

Draft Crown Estate Scotland Corporate Plan 2020-2023: Closed November 28th 2019

The consultation covers activity related to rural estates, coastline, seabed, investing in built development and more. Helping attract offshore wind investment, supporting new ways of growing food and closer working with communities – particularly on the coastline – are just some of the proposals people are being asked for their views on. The views and feedback they receive will be used to finalise the Corporate Plan which will be launched in April 2020.

How good is your place?: Closed 30th October

Community Planning brings different partner agencies together along with community representatives and organisations to plan how services will be delivered across Argyll and Bute. Your local Area Community Planning Group is developing the next version of its Action Plan and will be engaging and listening to the views of communities between now and the end of September 2019. This uses the Place Standard tool.

The Argyll and Bute Community Food Growing Strategy: Closed October 7th 2019

 The feedback will contribute to the first Argyll and Bute Community Food Growing Strategy, which is required under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, and to be finalised by April 2020.

Procurement Strategy 2020/21 and Sustainable Procurement Policy 2020/21:Closed 27th September

As part of the Council’s drive to continuously improve the service they provide; the Procurement and Contract Management Team is updating both the Procurement Strategy and the Sustainable Procurement Policy.

They would like you to view the first drafts of these two important documents and would appreciate it if you could take the time to give us feedback as we want to ensure that the final documents are informed by your views.

Right to Buy Land to Further Sustainable Development: Closed 19th September
This power has not yet been brought into force, and the Scottish Government are currently carrying
out a full public consultation on their proposals for the regulations to bring it into force.

 A factsheet for Community Councils has been produced.

Short Term Lets Consultation: Closed 22nd July

The consultation asked for your views on the regulation of short-term lets in Scotland. The consultation is now closed but you can read the Consultation paper

Waste Strategy Consultation: Closed 19th July

Click here to read the strategy. 

Argyll & Bute Taxi and Private Hire Car Study : closed 12th July

Click here to read the background to the study

Proposed Conservation Area for Helensburgh Town Centre: Closed 12th June

Survey on Community Growing Spaces: closed 14th June 

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 (LINK) requires each local authority to prepare a food-growing strategy for its area to identify land that may be used as allotment sites and identify other areas of land that could be used for community growing. 

Review of walking and cycling (active travel) routes within Argyll and Bute: Closed 29th May

Draft Clyde Marine Plan: Closed 27th May

The Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) is in the process of developing a Clyde Regional Marine Plan. The CMPP have produced a pre-consultation draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan (CRMP) that addresses the local issues and pressures on the coastal and marine environment. Argyll and Bute Council is part of the CMPP and the plan covers the Kilbrannan Sound, Firth of Clyde, Loch Fyne and Loch Long areas. 

Consultation on the use and regulation of Fireworks in Scotland:  Closed 3rd May

The Scottish Government  gathered information and views on the use and regulation of fireworks in Scotland. They want to hear your experiences and what you think about the way fireworks are currently used.

 Animal Health & Welfare Act Amendment Consultation 201​9: Closed 26th April

To formally establish if there is stakeholder support for these proposals to strengthen the enforcement powers of the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

Consultation on Scottish Charity Law: Closed April 1st

Scotland has more charities per head of population than any other region of the UK. This is particularly so in rural and remote rural areas. This consultation is concerned with the statutory regulation of charities in Scotland – the legal arrangements that charities work within. The stated intention is to increase transparency, accountability and trust. 

New Regional Strategy for Transport: Closed 20th March 2019

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), the Regional Transport Partnership for the west of Scotland, is preparing a new Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) for the Strathclyde area. The RTS will set out a new long-term vision for an approach to transport planning and transport policy across the region and underpin a more sustainable and growing economy, enable a healthier and more inclusive society and reduce the impact of transport on the environment.  Peter Brett Associates (PBA) has been commissioned by SPT to assist with the development of the new RTS, which is a long-term appointment and involves several key stages.

Police SurveyClosed March 18th 2019

Police Scotland wanted to hear from the public and  partners about how they shape the service that they provide. Their plans will be laid before the Scottish parliament in March 2019

Survey Results.

Unconventional Oil and Gas: Closed 18th December

A consultation on the Scottish Government's preferred policy position on unconventional oil and gas (UOG), the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report, and partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA)


Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Plan : Closed

The Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is seeking feedback from service user and carer representatives, partners and staff on the development of the 2nd Strategic Plan (April 2019- March 2022), specifically on eight strategic areas of service change required to deliver the ambitions of the HSCP over the life of the Plan. This will take place during summer and early autumn 2018.

Further information on the consultation including how to submit your views can be found here and the presentation given to Area Community Planning Groups can be found here


Caring Together - Argyll and Bute Carers Strategy and Action Plan: Closed 30 September 2018

A&B consultation on new draft strategy “Caring Together – Argyll and Bute Carers' Strategy and Action Plan 2018 – 2023

Procurement and Commissioning Strategy 2019 to 2020 Closed 28th September

The Argyll and Bute Council Procurement Strategy 2019/20 sets out a framework which is designed to enable the Council to continue on its journey of change and innovation; while our Sustainable Procurement Policy 2019/20 builds on existing sustainability practice to meet the substantial challenges of balancing the complexities of sustainable procurement within today’s economic climate and continued drive for best value.

This consultation is taking place in the context of current procurement legislation in Scotland which makes it an obligation for public bodies to put a procurement strategy in place and then report on how it has been delivered. Part of this obligation is the requirement to consult on the contents of the procurement strategy before it is approved.

The final Procurement & Commissioning Strategy 2019/20 and Sustainable Procurement Policy 2019/20 will be considered by Argyll and Bute Council in November 2018.

Joint British Sign Language Plan for Argyll and Bute: Closes September  2nd 2018

Draft Joint Local British Sign Language (BSL) Plan for Argyll and Bute

Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland: Closed September 25th 2018

Consultation on the options for distinct elements of a deposit return scheme on beverage containers, seeking views on which options will deliver the best results for Scotland.

The Government want to design a deposit return system that will work well for everyone in Scotland, providing increased recycling rates and quality of recycling, reductions in littering and business opportunities. We want a wide range of views as possible to help us design an effective system.

The responses to the consultation will help us to design an effective system. This will then go forward as regulations under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. Consultation paper

Rural Growth Consultation: Closed10th August

Residents of Argyll and Bute are being encouraged to take a few minutes to fill in a short consultation on a ‘Rural Growth Deal’ for the area.

Flood Risk Management in Scotland: Closes 31st July

SEPA ran a consultation on Potentially Vulnerable Areas (PVAs) for Flood Risk Management in Scotland.

 Responses will inform the future Flood Risk Management Strategies and Flood Risk Management Plans.

PVAs are where significant flood risk exists now or is likely to occur in the future. They are part of the National Flood Risk Assessment process, and help Scotland to understand and prioritise where work could benefit the most. They are a vital part of protecting people, properties, businesses, communities, infrastructure and our environment. 

Future of Public Services in Scotland: 19th April - 21st June

Scottish Government is conducting a Local Governance Review (LGR) which aims to make sure local communities have more say about how public services in their area are run. 

The following event is the first stage of the process for our area.  

Future of Public Services - Your Voice - Helensburgh: May 1st 2018  Victoria Halls.

Exhibition open at 5.30pm.  Structured event: 6.30pm - 8.30pm;

There will  be an opportunity to meet some of the engagement team and view the exhibition, The event  is designed to ensure your views are shared through facilitated workshops and feedback.

Proposal to ban the manufacture and  sale of plastic stemmed cotton buds stems in ScotlandClosed  22nd June

The purpose of this consultation is to gather views from stakeholders on the addition of secondary legislation under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to introduce a ban on the manufacture and the sale of plastic-stemmed cotton buds. The proposed bans aim to further protect our seas from plastic pollution.

Bank Closures: Call for Views: Closed 13th April 2018 

The number of bank branches in Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond has halved in just eight years according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics.

The Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee are keen to find out how branch closures have impacted communities at as local a level as possible

The Committee wants to hear from as many people as possible (both as members of a community council, as a business owner or as an individual). 

For the call for views, there isn't a requirement to answer every question, only the ones that are relevant to you.

Your Service...Your Voice: Closed 14 May 2018

A consultation on the safe and planned future of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is transforming and we want you to be part of our decision-making process by giving you the opportunity to tell us your views and ideas on the future of your Service.

Start the consultation now

Planning our Future: Closed  2nd January 2018

Funding to Argyll and Bute is expected to be confirmed by the Scottish Government towards the end of the year for 2018-19. Estimates indicate that the budget gap could be as much as £8.5 million in 2018/19, and £33.9 million over the next three years.

 The consultation will allow A&B to base how they change their prioirties based on local feedback".

Your View Counts: Closed :31st December 2017

 Police Scotland wants your opinions on policing which will help shape how it operates in future.  This is an ongoing survey, collated quarterly.

Community Learning and Development Plan: Closed 31 Dec 2017

The Community Learning and Development (CLD) Plan was created by the Argyll and Bute CLD Strategic Partnership in response to the CLD Strategic Guidance and legislation from the Scottish Government.

The Main Issue Report Consultation:   Closed December 11th 2017

This is the first formal stage of the preparation of a new  Local Development Plan (LDP2), which will set out its planning and development proposals for the next 10 years from 2020 and a vision for 20 years. 

Consultation on UK Parliamentary Constituencies: Closed December 11th 2017

Overall there will be a reduction in the number of Scottish Constituencies from 59 to 53. UK Constituences from 650 to 600. No changes are proposed in the local Government  or Scottish Parliamentary Constituences. 

Our new proposed constituency is Argyll,  Bute and Lochaber; population 77661 and area 9916 square km, the third largest area after Highland North and Highland South.

Your views on our website (This is the A&B website): Closed

Message from Argyll and Bute: We’d love you to help make our website better – let us know what you think.

 This was not really a consultation, more an Opinion Survey

Amendments to the Council’s Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils: Closed 19th Oct 2017

Role of the Scottish Health Council: Closed 20th October 2017.

Making Places Initiative:  Design Grant application closed on 13th October 2017 


Procurement and Commissioning Strategy: Closed 29th September 2017


1140 hours of Early Learning and Childcare Consultation: Closed 22nd September 2017

The Scottish Government have committed to increase the number of funded hours of Early Learning and Childcare, from 600 hours to 1140 hours per year, for all children aged 3 and 4 years old and eligible 2 year olds.

Argyll and Bute Council is working with the Scottish Government, Partner and Third Sector organisations to ensure that this increased level of service will be in place by August 2020.

 Argyll and Bute Early Years Service will begin consulting with residents of Argyll and Bute. The Early Years Service would be grateful if you would help, by completing the questionnaire.  Even if you feel this does not currently apply to you, your views will help shape future services for children and families across Argyll and Bute.

Take part in the consultation here

Climate Change Bill Consultation: Closed 22nd September 2017 


Draft Policy Advertising and Signage Policy Consultation: Closed 28th July 2017

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Consultation: Closed 10th July 2017

Recently they carried out a review of their local service delivery activities.  The findings of the data  have been collated into a Review Report. The priorities for a new Local Fire and Rescue Plan, specifically tailored for Argyll & Bute have been collated into a review report.

Improving Parking in Scotland Consultation: Closed 30th June 2017

The Consultation explored: 

  • how Scottish Government can make parking laws clearer
  • what parking restrictions and exemptions should apply
  • the best approach for managing parking, and
  • how to manage the placement of vehicles in today’s town centres, including improving accessibility for all, while incorporating new technology.

Consultation on unconventional oil and gas in Scotland:  Closed 31st May 2017

 The consultation explores the evidence on the potential impacts of shale oil and gas, and coal bed methane, and the technologies involved in extraction, including hydraulic fracturing.

Community Justice Outcome Improvement PlanClosed  30 April 2017

The Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership is developing its first Community Justice Outcome Improvement Plan and is interested in your views on Community Justice.

Click here for a link to the Justice Outcome Improvement Plan.

​Places, people and planning: A consultation on the future of the Scottish Planning System. Closed:  April 4th 2017

 The consultation paper “Places, people and planning” sets out 20 proposals for change which aim to strengthen the planning system.

The Scottish Government have produced a short guide for Community Councils. 

Future of the Crown Estates in Scotland. Closed  29th March 2017

Most of you will be aware that the Scotland Act 2016 makes provision for the transfer of the management of The Crown Estates in Scotland, to the Scottish Govenment. That transfer has not yet been completed.

 A consultation was opened on January 4th 

It is opportunity to help shape the long term framework for the devolved management of the Crown Estate in Scotland and how the revenue should be used to benefit Scotland and communities.

Consultation on Fees and Charges for piers and harbours. Closed  13th February 2017

Consultation on the proposal to move Ward 15 from RAH to Royal Hospital for Children, Govan  Closed  6th February  2017

​There was also a Consultation on the Consultation with the same closing date. conducted by  The Scottish Health Council who wanted to find out how successful the consultation above had been in terms how aware the population was of the consultation proposal. 

Planning our Future  November 2016: closed January 9th 2017

 Commentary on the issues  

Advertisement and Signage Policy Guidance  2nd December 2016 to 6th January 2017

This revised guidance was approved for public consultation at the November meeting of the Council’s Planning, Protective Services and Licensing Committee.

Submission from Rhu and Shandon Community Council 

Scottish Government Consultation

Consultation on a Draft Referendum Bill: Closing date 11/1/2017

 A draft Scottish Independence Referendum bill is set out as an appendix to the document.

Planning our Futures. Closing Date: End of December 2015

Argyll and Bute Council  launched a consultation, Planning our Futures,  on 30th October on changes to the services it delivers and the ways in which it works.

With local government grant funding expected to fall significantly, the Council faces an estimated funding gap of between £21.7 and £26 million. This means a savings target of around £9 million in both 2016/17 and 2017/18 with further savings in future years.

The consultation sought views on options for making savings primarily over the next two years. It also invited suggestions for alternative ways in which the Council could transform its work to deliver efficiencies and grow income. 

 Scottish Planning Review. Closed 1st December 2015

The Community Council made a joint submission with The Helensburgh Community Council Strategy Plans Group, The Helensburgh Study Group and The Helensburgh Green Belt Group.

review of the overall planning process, by a three man team,  was announced on October 14th  by Alex Neil. They will report by April 2016.

Planning Democracy have a useful blog on this.

The commission called for evidence or input from the public.   There was a  Call for Evidence Guidance Note, and they have listed the well over 60 specific questions they  posed. 

Health and Social Care Integration. Closed 28th November 2015

Have your say on this important issue. Click here to see the consultation questions. The Community Council has replied to this consultation.  Because it is an online consultation, it is not possible to link to our responses. This Healthy Together website provides useful background material.


Community Payback Order (CPO)Annual Consultation. Closed 23rd October 2015,  R&SCC submission

The CPO team, and members of the Community Council  undertook a Beach Cleanup in October 2014. We have many other projects in which we hope they will be able to help. 

Ward Boundary Proposals. Consultation closed 22 October 2015. R&SCC submission 

Local Government Boundary Commission  for Scotland (LGBC) proposes to reduce the number of wards in Argyll and Bute from 36 to 33. A consequence of this is that Rhu and Shandon will move from Lomond North to Helensburgh. We ageed at the meeting  held on 21st October that as a Community Council we were against moving from Lomond North to Helensburgh, option B, which is what is being proposed. Details are available on the Boundary Commission's website 

 Historic Environment Strategy. Consultation Closed 14th September 2015  R&SCC submission 

The purpose of the Argyll and Bute Council’s Historic Environment Strategy is therefore to provide a framework and context for how we continue to enjoy, preserve, manage, interpret and promote our historic environment during the 21st Century and the numerous challenges this presentsThis was a response to the Historic Environment Strategy 

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