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09 May 2021 A Guide for Parents and Carers

Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety

Click on the external link below for advice and information on digital parenting

This guide was created to support online safety training for kinship carers in Scotland. It will be valued by all parents and carers across Scotland. It can be used to support children of any age, but it has a particular focus on the digital resilience of teenagers. This is because of the particular challenges we face keeping adolescents - who are more independent - safe online.

If you have any concerns for a child’s safety and child sexual abuse, then please take action now. Stop It Now!’s confidential UK Helpline (0808 1000 900) is open Monday to Friday, and available for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse. Callers do not need to give identifying information, so can remain anonymous. 

07 May 2021Telephone Scam

The scam involves criminals contacting local people by telephone,claiming to be from a service provider such as an internet or mobile phone provider. They go on to dupe the victim into believing that their mobile phone has been hacked and, in order to free up the phone, they must download and install an app in order to remove the ‘spyware’.

The criminals then talk the unsuspecting victim through the process of‘setting up’ the app. What they are really doing is enabling themselves to clone the victim’s mobile phone with all of their passwords and login information neatly saved into the rogue app allowing them to make purchases through any bank cards saved on the phone and even access online accounts.

 This scam has ccaught people in our local community.

07 May 2021Funding Alerts

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

April  2021  Alert 207

May 2021 Alert 208

29 April 2021No more fires on Aldonaig

After a worrying few days, it has been confirmed that there will be no more fires on the land at Aldonaig farm.

 The tenant has been informed by the police. 


05 April 2021

Webinar of talk

01 April 2021Scotlands Ancient Woodland

Some of you may not be aware but Rhu is very fortunate to have a snipple of Scottish Ancient Woodland on our doorstep. You can learn more about this from a webinar hosted by Helensburgh Community Council.,at 7pm tonight April 1st

How do we protect, fund and restore Scotland's remaining and fragmented 1% of ancient woodlands?

The speakers are Fiona Baker, a member of Rhu and Shandon Community Council and Audrey Baird, a local resident with a background in environmental matters

 If you would like to join this webinar. you should email Tarig Durrani from Helesburgh Community Council on tsdurrani@gmail.com and you will be sent a link to join this meeting.

The speakers are well qualified to speak on this subject

Audrey worked in the media as a journalist, press officer and broadcast campaigns project manager for 20 years, including 10 years with the BBC in Bristol, London and Glasgow.  A keen sailor with a life-long love of Scotland's West Coast and its wildlife and landscapes, she moved to Argyll in 2009 with her partner and 28ft yacht.  Audrey worked at BBC Bristol, the home of the BBC's Natural History Unit, bringing her into contact with Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham and other natural history presenters and the TV production teams.  She went on to be project manager of series like Restoration (Griff Rhys Jones) and A History of Scotland (Neil Oliver). Audrey also previously worked for a few years in community development with Argyll & Bute Council and now works part-time for mental and emotional health charity ACUMEN and for Argyll & Bute Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP) coordinating the local Living Well Network.
Fiona  grew up in Helensburgh and attended Hermitage Primary and Academy before taking a degree in archaeology at Durham University.   She has worked as a professional archaeologist in Scotland and the Middle East for over thirty years and runs an archaeological consulting and contracting business from her home in Rhu. She is a Community Councillor in Rhu, Chair of the Friends of Hermitage Park, a Trustee / Director of Helensburgh Community Hall, recently purchased for the community, and is a Director of new venture Destination Helensburgh, which aims to promote and be a ‘one stop shop’ for all things Helensburgh and Lomond.  

Audrey and Fiona are co-signatories on the petition to the Scottish Government seeking full legal protection for Scotland’s Ancient, native and semi native woodlands and woodland floors. 

31 March 2021What A&B id doing to give children a voice.

Argyll and Bute Council is committed to ensuring that the rights of children and their families continue to be heard.

At a meeting of the Community Services Committee, members heard about the work already carried out by the council over the last three years to give children and young people a voice, and its plans to expand this.

 You can read more about this in the link below. 

31 March 2021More Scam information

The External link below contain the latest advice, news and support relative to scams, cyber security and resilience.

Topics this week include:

  • -  Call Blockers
  • -  Banking Scams
  • -  Amazon Prime Scam
  • -  National Insurance Number Scam
  • -  HMRC Scams
  • -  TV Licencing Scam Emails
  • -  Increase in Sick Puppies
  • -  Google Forms Scams
  • -  Apple Phishing Emails

In addition  you can click here to access access the CyberScotland Bulletin for  March 2021.

Topics this month include:

  • -  Cyber Aware Campaign and New Cyber Action Plan
  • -  Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland
  • -  CyberScotland Partnership
  • -  CyberScotland Week
  • -  Fake Job Adverts
  • -  Guidance for users of Security Cameras
  • -  Free Call Blocking Devices
  • -  The Get Safe Online campaign for March focusses on   
  •     Vaccination Scams

31 March 2021what3words app available to download

Police Scotland now use the ‘what3words’ app to help pinpoint a particular location in emergency situations in addition to traditional addresses.

What3words works by gridding the Earth into 3x3 metre squares - the coordinates of each are then given three unique words to pinpoint an exact location. This will be useful for members of the public who are contacting the police from rural or unknown areas.

“What3words will help frontline police officers and staff to locate members of the public quickly when they are calling from an unknown or rural area. When Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, we know that people may want to venture further from home, to remote or rural locations. What3words does not change the requirement to ensure that you are properly prepared if heading to the hills, always have a map and compass and ensure that you have your route planned out in advance." Superintendent Iain MacLelland

More information about what3words can be found on the external link below.

31 March 2021what3words app available to download

Police Scotland now use the ‘what3words’ app to help pinpoint a particular location in emergency situations in addition to traditional addresses.

What3words works by gridding the Earth into 3x3 metre squares - the coordinates of each are then given three unique words to pinpoint an exact location. This will be useful for members of the public who are contacting the police from rural or unknown areas.

“What3words will help frontline police officers and staff to locate members of the public quickly when they are calling from an unknown or rural area. When Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, we know that people may want to venture further from home, to remote or rural locations. What3words does not change the requirement to ensure that you are properly prepared if heading to the hills, always have a map and compass and ensure that you have your route planned out in advance." Superintendent Iain MacLelland

More information about what3words can be found on the external link below.

31 March 2021Friends against Scams

This is a Police Scotland Initiative. 

I do not think we stand a chance of becoming the winning Community Council.

We would like some feedback on the training, if anyone undertakes it.  You can access the training by clicking on the external link below.

 I apologise for the quality of the image ,but it was the best I could do in a short time with the pdf that I was sent. 

04 March 2021Keep Safe Ambassadors

About the Ambassador Programme

The Keep Safe Ambassador programme was developed in partnership with Police Scotland and I Am Me Scotland. The training can be delivered to young people, adults with learning disabilities or Police Scotland Youth Volunteers.

The programme is FREE and is now delivered in disability groups throughout Scotland! 

Keep Safe Ambassadors are trained to: 

  • Understand the impact bullying and hate crime has on an individual, their family and the wider community.
  • Know how to recognise incidents of hate crime within the community and within school/centre environment, and how to report them safely. 
  • Know what Keep Safe is and how to support it. 

The Keep Safe Ambassador programme has been adapted in light of the pandemic and consists of 1.5 hours of training and is delivered in partnership with Police Scotland via Zoom. The programme is also supported by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Services. A certificate and badge are provided to each participant at the end of the training session. 

If you would like to know more about this for either groups or individuals, please get in touch with PC Laura Evans, Police Scotland via email to 


04 March 2021Marie Curie Update

Over the last few months, the manager, Niall Kieran, has been working on ways in which we can make an impact from our Community Engagement work through a digital presence on the understanding that whilst we want to meet people face to face, we are taking a risk averse approach and realise that it may yet be several months before face to face activities can resume.

In the meantime, the local branch is  keen to hear your views on your experiences and how we may best support you in relation to end of life care, albeit virtually.

 There is a link to a survey below This will provide Marie Curie with information to further develop their Community Engagement work. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions in relation to the work of Marie Curie in Argyll & Bute or wish to discuss anything further, please contact Niall Kieran on either 07515 133214 or niall.kieran@mariecurie.org.uk

04 March 2021Mindfulness March

Welcome to Mindfulness March

Hosted by Garelochhead Station Trust

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening in the present moment. It helps us to see situations more clearly and to better respond to challenges in our lives. Mindfulness teaches us skills to manage stress, improve our well-being, make better decisions, and helps us take control over how we manage our increasingly busy and frenetic lives, both at home and at work.

What you will need to take part?

A laptop or tablet, the Zoom app (free downloadable) and a quiet place 1 hr per week for 6 weeks plus 15/20 mins per day for reinforcement exercises.

What you will learn

  • What Mindfulness is
  • Discover the science behind mindfulness.
  • Practice mindfulness exercises
  • Tips and tricks to bring mindfulness into your everyday life.
  • Begin to recognise your minds bias towards negative experiences.
  • Participate in group discussions.

The course will start after Tuesday 6th April for 6 weeks.

To book one of the limited places please contact Morevain Martin at morevain@garelochheadstationtrust.co.uk

phone 07541777559 by by Friday 19th March

04 March 2021Vacancy for Recovery worker in Helensburgh Area.

For more details, follow the external link below.

04 March 2021Scottish Rural Action

 You can sign up for this Newsletter

 Rhu and Shandon is classedas Accessible Rural (population of <3000 and within a 30 minute drive of a settlement of over 10,000.)

04 March 2021March funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

March  2021  Alert 206

04 March 2021

27 February 2021CyberScotland Bulletin February 2021

The CyberScotland Bulletin will provide you with information about the latest threats, scams, news and updates covering cyber security and cyber resilience topics. Due to current circumstances and threats emerging as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are also circulating information on a much wider range of scams. We hope you continue to benefit from this resource and we ask that you circulate and share this information.
See the external link below for details.

27 February 2021Latest Scam Share

Topics this week include:

  • Fake Goods - Counterfeit toys
  • Remote access scams
  • Royal Courts of Justice phone scam
  • Bank scams
  • Amazon scams
  • Doorstep scams
  • Product Safety - Blind cord safety campaign
  • Business guidance on Ransomware attacks
  • Vaccination Scams

Detail in the external link below.


27 February 2021Facebook Scam

The following message has been circulated on behalf of Police Scotland L Division, Dunoon Police Office.
An incident was reported to police on 18/2/21 regarding a financial scam involving Facebook. The reporter was contacted through Facebook messenger by one of her friends saying that she needed some help with money. The reporter sent her friend some money to the account number and sort code that she provided on the message.

Shortly after sending this money, the friend contacted her to say her Facebook page had been hacked and that this request had been fraudulent.

If you are contacted by someone through Facebook, text or email asking you for money or asking you to change an existing direct debit or standing order please speak with them directly before sending money through to confirm this is a genuine request. Contact them on a number you know to be theirs or if this is from a bank, then call the number on the back of your bank card

27 February 2021Latest News on Woodland Developments at Letrault and Stuckenduff.

Howard Young,  the Planning Officer in charge has prepared a Green Delegated Report on each of the applications. On the basis of these,  Fergus Murray, Head of Development and Economic Growth at Argyll and Bute, responded to the Scottish Forestry Consultation indicating that he had no objection to the developments.  These four  reports are posted on our the Letrault and Stuckeduff page of our website.
 Charlie Owen from Scottish Forestry has said that he accepted the serious concern felt in the community about the use of Pier and Station Road and has forwarded the objections onto Scottish Woodlands who is the agent for the landowners. 

Maybe we will finally get the consultation we have been asking for!

 The article in the Helensburgh Advertiser is factually inaccurate. There will be  200 hectares of woodland created, but only about 10% will be native woodland, the rest is commercial planting.

27 February 2021Argyll and Bute's Decarbonisation Plan

  Argyll and Bute Council’s Decarbonisation Plan, . The Council have committed to reducing their emissions by 75% by 2030, and will “assist our local communities and businesses recover and build upon our low carbon economy”. One of the other commitments of the Plan is to “tell you about it and encourage the community to do their bit”.

27 February 2021Time for Change in Argyll and Bute (TfC)

Freya Aitchison:On behalf of Time for Change Argyll & Bute

"I’m writing to you on behalf of Time for Change Argyll & Bute, a community-led climate action group which aims to bring together people, organisations and political representatives across Argyll in order to start conversations about how climate change affects us, and what we can do to slow it down. We have around 70 members from across the county and we have established relationships with our MP, MSPs, and Argyll and Bute Council in order to express our concerns about climate change and the slow pace of the current responses to it."

The Community Council have been invited to be represented at their  AGM to be held by Zoom on March 22nd. 

 It is not clear that the general public is invited but Freya went on to say:

We would appreciate it if you could share this information on your local email, Facebook or community groups, as we are keen to reach as much of Argyll and Bute as possible.

You can pre-register for the meeting from the external link below.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. 

27 February 2021Volunteering

Argyll and Bute, the British Red Cross, Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface and Argyll and Bute Council, are working in partnership to develop a reserve of volunteers who can help to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme if required.

The support offered from the voluntary sector in Scotland will be for non-clinical roles.  The following list gives some examples of how volunteers may be asked to help:

  • ·       Meeting and greeting people as they arrive for their vaccination
  • ·       Marshalling of queues
  • ·       Helping with patient flow
  • ·       Reminding people of safe practice

 Individual volunteers have to register with the TSI volunteering Portal  shown in the link below.

27 February 2021Social Media sites for reliable traffic information

Neil MacFarlane, Transport Scotland, has provided the below information for Area Community Planning Groups around social media sites which can be used for reliable traffic information. 


This is a portal for all traffic related information.

When there is an issue at the Rest it will feature on the list of current events on the front page. Click ‘Details’ for more current information.

This site also holds a wealth of other traffic related information including current and planned roadworks, winter information, gritter tracking etc 

There is a mobile phone version of the site which can also be found on the front page and is handy to view on a phone. 


This is part of the same website but is an internet radio station with continuous traffic updates. Normal radio stations also give traffic bulletins. Radio Scotland and probably the most reliable. 

Traveline Scotland app

Traveline Scotland, working in partnership with Transport Scotland's Traffic Scotland service, provides a free Android, iPhone, Windows and Amazon Kindle Fire app that offers all the information you'll need to plan your journey in Scotland. The app includes public transport departure boards for every Scottish bus stop, ferry terminal and Glasgow Subway station, together with local taxi details relevant to your location. It also takes information from Traffic Scotland website regarding live incidents.


Twitter is an app which can also be downloaded to any smart phone. Once you have registered (free) you can then follow any number of other account holders including BEAR Scotland (@NWtrunkroads) and Traffic Scotland (@trafficscotland). There are millions of other information feeds that can also be followed if you like but that is for each person to decide. If you wished you could just follow those information feeds and use it in a very simple way.

 Traffic Customer Care Line 0800 028 1414 

Transport Scotland provides a 24 hour Traffic Customer Care Line dedicated phone service that can be contacted by calling:0800 028 1414

The Traffic Customer Care Line operators have access to the Traffic Scotland Web Site and can provide this information over the phone to the caller. Through this service users will be able to access traffic information whilst on the move giving them the power to plan and manage their journey to greater effect. This service provides users with the ability to:

  • Enquire about current road conditions and roadworks, planned roadworks, planned events and severe weather conditions.
  • Report road surface defects, issues relating to Variable Message Signs, carriageway obstructions, breakdowns, diesel spills and other emergencies.
  • Access information regarding alternative routes and transport modes for regular journeys disrupted by roadworks.
  • Register complaints and third party damage claims.
  • Provide feedback on any aspect of the Traffic Scotland web service.
  • If calling from a mobile phone some networks may charge for this call. Please remember do not use a mobile phone whilst driving.

27 February 2021Male Tales Helensburgh

  Power Point

 not sure this link will work for everyone!

27 February 2021Helensnburgh Art Club

Landscape Painting classes using acrylics with Neil G Smith

 To take part you will need:

  • Paper suitable for acrylic paint or a primed canvas.
  • Acrylic paints
  • Brushes
  • Water for washing your brush
  • Paper or kitchen roll for drying your brush.
  • A device which can use Zoom

Sun 28th February and Sun 7th March

Go to Helensburgharthub.com and then click on ‘Online Courses’ to find and book this workshop.

27 February 2021New Area Commander for Cowal, Bute , Helensburgh and Lomond

Chief Inspector Emma Grimason will replace Douglas Wilson as Area Commander for Cowal, Bute Helensburgh and Lomond.

 Douglas will be the Detective Chief Inspector covering  Argyll and West Dunbartonshire, so is remaining in the Division.

27 February 2021 Sandwich Series returns, with a difference!

 Message from Louise Burnet:

"I know we are all missing live music during this terrible pandemic.......so I hope you will be keen to join me for an online Sandwich concert on Thursday 4th March at 1pm.

I am delighted that Ryan Corbett, accordionist, will be performing for us on video which will be shared at lunchtime on Thursday 4th March at 1pm. Many of you will remember Ryan from his uplifting concert he performed  for us last March (in the good old days before lockdowns!)".

What you will need to do on 4th March:

make your own sandwich    (Louise will send a couple of favourite sandwich recipe ideas)

2 pour yourselves a large glass of wine (or similar)

click on the link that she will send you

4  sit back and enjoy a wonderful concert.

There might even be a chance to chat with other members of the audience after the concert

Please would you reply to this email (louiseburnet@hotmail.com) if you would like to join this event and she will then send you the details.  

Herchosen charity is ‘Help Musicians’ and your donations will be much appreciated.

You can help her raise money for this great cause by donating directly to my fundraising page - https://www.justgiving.com/Louise-Burnet.

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Help Musicians and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.

Thank you for your support!

27 February 2021Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme

Home insulation grants are available to make your home warmer, reduce energy bills and tackle climate change. 

To find out if you qualify, phone 0808 808 2282.  This scheme is funded by the Scottish Government.

 See the external link below for more information.

27 February 2021Cemeteries in Argyll and Bute

A&B have conducted a survey on the future of cemeteries in Argyll and Bute.

 The consulation closed on 26th February but you can read the consultation paper in the external link below.

 This link shows the capacity of cemeteries. 

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