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12 September 2020Share Protect Scotland

The Protect Scotland app from NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect is a free, mobile phone app designed to help us protect each other, reduce the spread of coronavirus and avoid further lockdowns.

 Click on the external link below to see how to download the App.


12 September 2020Latest Scam Share Bulletin

Latest Scamshare Bulletin


 Netflix, DVLA, lottery, energy meter & bank scams

  • Recent doorstep scams in Scotland
  • Misleading 'boiler funding' ads
  • advice on wedding cancellations/refunds
  • business safety advice

...and more:

11 September 2020Covid-19 Testing in Helensburgh

NHS Highland have provided information about the two Mobile Testing Units(MTI) which will operate in Argyll and Bute. They supplied two posters with overlapping information, one entitled Map of Testing Locations and the other showing the Testing Schedule. Click on the links above to see the posters. They were provided in pdf format so it is not possible to display them in full on the website. 

 This is a summary of the advice.

  • Adults and children with symptoms of Covid-19 should be tested as soon as possible and within 5 days of symptoms appearing. These symptoms include a new and persistent cough; a high temperature; or a change in ability to taste/smell.
  • They should book a test  (it is best to do this after 7pm for next day locations) by clicking on the external link below.
  • Anyone without internet access or unable to travel to a testing centre should call NHS 24 on 0800 028 2816 to book a test.

Key Messages 

  •  Symptomatic people and household members must self-isolate until tested.
  •  If result is negative, your temperature has been normal for 48 hours, and no-one else in your household has symptoms, you no longer need to self-isolate (this does not apply if you have had contact with a confirmed case).
  •  If the result is positive then you should self-isolate for the remainder of 10 days from the onset of symptoms and the rest of your household should self-isolate for the remainder of 14 days from the date of onset of your symptoms
  •  Household members should get tested if they develop symptoms or if advised to by NHS Highland’s Health Protection Team.

Location of the MTI. I assume the precise location will be divulged when you report your symptoms at the external link below. 

  •  There is also a testing station at Glasgow Airport. 

08 September 2020Latest Scam Share Bulletin

Latest Scamshare Bulletin

 Click on the external link below


  • Energy scams video series 
  • Crime & Enforcement report
  • Fake products on online marketplaces 
  • SafeVehicle campaign 
  • Advance loan fee fraud

 and much more.

A multi-agency campaigns group led by the City of London Police is reminding the public to 'mullet over' and to look out for phishing messages during an awareness campaign this week.

If you receive a suspicious email you can forward it to the National Cyber Security Centre - since the reporting tool was launched, they have received over 1.7 million scam emails.

 report@phishing.gov.uk or Text 7726 for a suspicious text message

07 September 2020Error in Newsletter

The  email address of the Secretary of the Community Council is 




07 September 2020Facebook Scam

I have just received this information from Neighbourhood Watch

  • The scam works whereby the victim is contacted by the scammer under the guise of claiming to be someone from their contacts list such as a friend of family member.
  • It is noticeable that there may be some general chat before the scammer asks for a loan of cash to purchase food stuffs or pay an outstanding bill.
  • They will thereafter provide banking details into which the cash is to be paid into.  This request is generally complied with given that it is suspected as being a trusted source (friend or family). There is generally a promise that the money will be paid back within a few days or next pay day.
  • No monies are ever paid back and it is only when further enquiries / contact is made with the person requesting the cash that it becomes clear the original request did not come from them.


  • Should you receive such a request, which in itself is out of the ordinary, do not make any payment until you are sure it is a genuine request.
  • All efforts should be made to speak to your friend or family member making the request by phone prior to any cash being sent to ensure that it is a genuine request.
  • Never ask for a direct phone number from the person requesting the cash.  This may take you directly back to the scammer.

07 September 2020Survey on attitudes to Face Covering in a Remote and Rural Population

The Survey is entitled:

What factors influence the use of face coverings for COVID-19 in a remote and rural population?

Don't really think we are remote and rural but...

 Two things to note if you decide to take part

  • Rhu and Shandon have a population of < 3000
  •  Read the preamble carefully. It offers you the chance to ask questions and you will are asked to confirm this in one of the questions.
  •  The survey is on the external link below

07 September 2020Cyber Resilience Bulletin

The latest Cyber Resilience bulletin which details information on the latest scams and also advice on how to protect ourselves and businesses.

 Click the external link below to access this.
The Trading Standards Scam Share newsletter, imbedded within the COVID-19 bulletin also provides important information to keep us safe from scams, doorstep crime and cold callers.   

07 September 2020Free on-line Training in Lifeskills

 All sessions are free and can be booked by clicking on the external link below.

Morning sessions are run 0915-1300 & afternoon sessions are 1245-1630



am or pm

3-4 Sep

Intro to Motivational Interviewing


7 Sep



8 Sep

Enhancing Core Communication Skills


11 Sep

Staying Alive


14-15 Sep

Everyone Has A Story


17-18 Sep

Intro to Motivational Interviewing


21 Sep

Enhancing Core Communication Skills


22 Sep

Staying Alive


24 Sep



29-30 Sep

Intro to Motivational Interviewing


2nd Oct



5 Oct



6 Oct

Enhancing Core Communication Skills


9 Oct

Staying Alive


19-20 Oct

Intro to Motivational Interviewing


22 Oct

Enhancing Core Communication Skills


23 Oct



26 Oct



30 Oct

Staying Alive


2-3 Nov

Intro to Motivational Interviewing


4-5 Nov

Everyone Has A Story


07 September 2020Bogus Callers

Be alert for the potential of BOGUS CALLERS.

  • Home Fire Safety Visits are always delivered by Scottish Fire and Rescue personnel.
  • They are identifiable by their uniforms but you should always ask for official identification which we are happy to produce.
  • SFRS will never ask for payment for a home fire safety visit or any equipment supplied.

If in any doubt, contact your local fire station or call Police Scotland on 101.

07 September 2020September Funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

September 2020  Alert 200

07 September 2020Home Insulation Scheme: Sign up now

Argyll and Bute residents have the opportunity to make their homes warmer, more energy efficient and so save money, thanks to the Scottish Government’s Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme.

 More details on the External link below

07 September 2020Drones: Information on Legality

Following an enquiry to the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland office with regards the use of drones over residential areas NWS have gathered together a number of information links that may be useful.


Flying Drones and Model Aircraft Civil Aviation Authority


Information for the Public Civil Aviation Authority


Privacy and Data Use Information Commissioners Office


The Drone Code


07 September 2020Community Council Elections: Nominations Close September 24th at 4pm.

If you are interested in representing Rhu and Shandon and joining the battle to influence the delivery of public services, please consider joining the Community Council.

You can download a Nomination Pack here.

07 September 2020Flooding in Shandon

Despite the weather, Network Rail are progressing well with the repair work to the culvert for Chapel burn.

Expected completion date is 18th September.

 According to the MoD, work specific to Kirk Brae burn will start in late September and will last 8 weeks.

25 August 2020Glass Collections

Every property which usually has a glass collection should have had two uplifts since the service resumed.

Waste Collection Calendars for properties in G84 8NP have not been updated after the service was resumed. 

You can check the calendar for your property from the link below.

Contact Argyll and Bute in case of a problem.

25 August 2020Argyll and Bute Weekly News Round-up

This week the News Round-up included

  • a plea for people to Foster and
  • information about the Job Start Payment of  a one off £250 payment to help with the costs of starting a new job for 16 to 24 year olds if they have been unemployed for six months.

 Remember you can sign up for the weekly roundup  using the link at the top of this page. 

25 August 2020Green Distillery Fund

Council leader welcomes Green Distillery Fund.

 See the external link below to read more about this.

 You can also read there on how to express an interset in the fund. 

25 August 2020Early Learning and Childcare in Argyll and Bute

Argyll and Bute Council is now delivering 1140 hours of Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) across the area.

The expansion is part of a national policy introduced by the Scottish Government to increase the number of funded childcare hours from 600 to 1140, for all three and four year olds, and eligible two year olds.

25 August 2020Message from Bear Scotland

Following confusion about the road signage at Tarbert, bear Scotland issed the following update on Thursday 19th August 2020

23 August 2020Church Reopening. Message from Andrew Nisbet

September Re-opening Planned

On Tuesday, 18th August, the Kirk Session met (on Zoom) to discuss a report prepared by the COVID19 Task Group on Re-opening the Church. After a full discussion, it was agreed that:

  • the process of re-opening should be phased, starting with Private Prayer Sessions (with music) before progressing to more communal services;
  • that the phased return will be on a fortnightly basis from the 23 September 2020, initially for the first 6 weeks (the days and time are still to be firmed up);

The numbers able to attend these gatherings will have to be limited because of spatial distancing requirements (2 metre separation) and those attending will be required to observe strict COVID procedures, including:

  • Affirming that neither they, nor anyone they live with, have COVID symptoms;
  • Providing their name and contact details (for track and trace purposes);
  • Having their temperature checked before entering the church;
  • Sitting in a seat allocated as directed by stewards;
  • Using hand sanitizer provided on entering and leaving the building; and
  • Wearing a facemask

A significant amount of preparatory work still needs to be done before we can start to welcome you back, but we will keep you updated as we finalise the detailed preparations to ensure that we keep everyone safe.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch.
Keep safe and well

Andrew Nisbet
Task Group Chair

16 August 2020Help and Advice from Argyll and Bute on Covid-19

As most of you know there is a section on the Argyll and Bute website containing help and advice on Covid-19 related matters.

You can access this page for the external link below.

15 August 2020Annual update of Register of Electors

The Annual Canvass will take place from 3rd August 2020.  What you are required to do may have changed.  Please read your form carefully and follow any instructions relevant to your situation.  

Residents in Scotland of all nationalities are now eligible to register for Scottish Parliament and Local Government Elections and it is important to ensure that everyone aged 14 or above in your household is registered.  

If you are not currently registered or have moved recently the easiest way to register is on-line at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

13 August 2020Nominate your favourite National Lottery award by August 19th

 Message from Katrina Sayer

Development Manager   Helensburgh Services   ENABLE Scotland 

 Jean’s Bothy currently receives funding from the National Lottery to help with the running costs etc.  Some of you will have been around when they visited us last year to talk about the bothy, how it supports you and what benefit you get from joining as a member.  The nominations are now open for any National Lottery Funded project to receive an award (and a potential cash prize too!)  I know from a lot of you just what a positive thing it has been to be linked in with the bothy as a member, a volunteer, a supporter and I would encourage you to have a look at the external link below and see if you would like to nominate the bothy for an award. 

13 August 2020Water activities in the Dockyard Port

 Otherwise than in accordance with a written permission granted by the Queen’s harbour master, no water-skiing; jet-skiing or windsurfing is permitted within the dockyard port.


The blue lines show the southern limits of the Dockyard port. The blue line on the right of the above, ends up at Ardmore.

 There are understandably speed limits in the Restricted Areas for any vessel. 

13 August 2020Covid -19 Test

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, you can now book a test online

13 August 2020Kerbside Food Waste Collection resumes from Monday 17th August

As before Covid-19 restrictions, this will be on your usual collection date. 

  • If you  have run out of bags for your food caddy., you can pick up a roll of caddy bags, from Helensburgh Co-op
  • If you are unable to get to the shop to pick up bags ready for the first collection, please put your clean, EMPTY caddy, with any bag tied to the handle, out on the kerbside on your first collection day. They will leave a roll of bags in the caddy and you can resume your food waste recycling as normal the following week.
  • Please don’t put out a caddy with unbagged food waste, particularly if you need a roll of caddy bags.  They won’t leave a clean roll of bags in a dirty caddy.
  • Do not to put any food waste in a normal plastic bag.  The food waste is processed and turned into either energy or compost and normal plastic bags would interfere with this process.

13 August 2020August Funding Alert

August Funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

August  2020  Alert 199


13 August 2020Latest Scamshare Bulletin

In this week’s #scamshare bulletin:

Energy Scams
Staycation scams
New TV License & Facebook scams
Doorstep Scammers offering to cut trees
’Local listings’ business scams
Fake Citizens Advice Scotland calls
Cifas UK warning on pension scams

and more ....

Follow the exernal link below

26 July 2020Local Housing Strategy Consultation

Argyll and Bute Council and its partners are preparing a new Local Housing Strategy which will set out priorities for action in the next five years (2021-26) andwould like to hear what about housing matter to you. 

Click on the external link below to complete the survey.

 Closing date 21st August

26 July 2020Near Me Consultations

In addition to the Scottish Government Survey which closed on July 24th, Glasgow and Clyde Health Board have launched one which closes on August 3rd.

Click on the external link below to take part

25 July 2020Drones

Drone trials have proved that the sky is the limit for bringing new ways of enhancing services for patients in Argyll and Bute.

Click on the external link below for more details.

25 July 2020Information for Parents

Information for parents and carers of children and young people returning to school

Following a survey conducted at the beginning of June to find out what concerns they have about pupils returning to school after the summer. Argyll and Bute have updated the  Q&A on their website, to answer some of  the questions raised.

 Click on the external link below 

25 July 2020Local Heritage Sites Reopening

With restrictions easing in Scotland, we are excited to be re-opening some of our free to visit Historic Scotland sites in your local area where safe physical distancing is possible.

Click below to find out which sites near you are reopening.

25 July 2020One way system for Helensburgh Town Centre

A&B would like to hear your views on proposals to put in temporary measures to help everyone safely socially distance and support businesses as they reopen.

This work has been made possible through funding from the Spaces for People Programme to make it safer and easier for people to walk, cycle and wheel in their town centres.

 Click here to take part in the survey


25 July 2020Remote delivery of Health and Care Services

People in Argyll & Bute are being asked for their views on how health and care services might be delivered remotely in the future.

The use of video consultations in Scotland has rapidly escalated since the pandemic started. Prior to March, there were around 300 video consultations using the Near Me system; by June, there were almost 17,000 every week, with around 150,000 in total.

Across NHS Highland, the numbers rose in this period from 86 to 1,156 per week, with 10,138 in total. And in Argyll and Bute specifically, Near Me is being well used in GP practices, mental health services, maternity and obstetrics, paediatrics and a wide range of other specialties.

Now, the Scottish Government team behind Near Me has launched a major engagement exercise to find out what people think about how the system might be improved for the future.

The Government’s vision  that all health and care consultations in Scotland are provided by Near Me whenever it is appropriate – and it is seeking views on that vision.


25 July 2020Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Summer 2020 Newsletter

Please click here to view. 

25 July 2020This week’s Trading Standards Scotland #scamshare bulletin

  • Top 10 phone scams in Scotland
  • Travel compensation scams
  • Pop up Energy Ads
  • Recent Doorstep scams
  • New Netflix scam email
  • Business Scams - local listings 
  • @stoploansharks warning about loans from personal lenders

Click on the external link below for details

19 July 2020Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Service

Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Service are there to help you

 Are you struggling during this difficult period?
 Do you need support to speak up and have your voice heard?
 We can help with phone calls, letters, emails and gathering information about your rights and entitlements.

You can reach them  on 01546 606056

They are still able to work with you and help you address areas of concern although they are not providing face to face appointments at the moment.
 More information about the Advocacy Service is available at www.laas.org.uk.

19 July 2020More Face mask Patterns

Face coverings in the community do not have to be set “hospital” standard and there are lots of designs available online. Masks are more likely to be effective if they consist of more than one layer of different fabrics. They can be made easily at home from old clothes like t-shirts or bed linen.

Have a look at these links for ideas:



19 July 2020School Age payment

School Age Payment
The School Age Payment is part of Best Start Grant, a package of three payments that will give extra money to low income families during the early years of a child’s life. It is a £250 payment made around the time a child normally starts Primary 1 to help with the costs of a child starting school. The money can be used for anything from school uniform and shoes to a school bag, books or days out.

Applications opened on 1 June 2020 and will remain open until 28 February 2021. Parents who have deferred entry to August 2021 should still apply in the 1 June 2020 to 28 February window. If they wait until after then it will be too late and they will miss out on their payment.

Best Start Grant – School Age Payment

18 July 2020July Funding Update

July Funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

July  2020  Alert 198


Funding Alert Update

last call for applications

Gaelic Arts Awards Scheme

Managed on behalf of the partnership by CHARTS, this project will be delivered in three stages, marking a series of six, one per-month, awards of £500 (national) and one additional £1,000 award focused on artwork conceptually designed to the theme of heritage trail (Argyll and Bute only). We aim to offer at least one award at each selection stage to a young person, aged between 16-26 years

Deadline July 14 for monthly awards – July 31 Heritage Trail Award


18 July 2020Home Emergency Plan

The Council’s Civil Contingency Manager has provided the attached Household Emergency Plan as an example of best practice. It is recommended that each household should have one of these, It is in two formats


  •  A Word Document which you can download to your device, type it the relevant information and then print.

 note: the quality of the document whuch you will download is better that the specimen below!

28 June 2020Another step on the road to normality!

Rhu Toilet Block

 This will reopen  on July 17th.

As yet there is no agreement on when the ones at Kilgreggan will reopen.

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