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28 June 2020nother step in the road to normality!

Rhu Toilet Block

 This will reopen  on July 17th.

As yet there is no agreement on when the ones at Kilgreggan will reopen.

19 June 2020This week's Scan Share Bulletin

Read more about these and other on the external link below.

  • More #TestAndProtect scams
  • Scam Ad Alert system from @ASA_UK 
  • Online shopping scams
  • Fake emails from 'colleagues'
  • Fake testing kits
  • @StopLoanSharks advice for #LonelinessAwarenessWeek

See details in the external link below

19 June 2020Cycling Safety for Children

Fact:A major children’s hospital has treated more children involved in cycling injuries during lockdown than over the whole of 2019.

General Advice

Carry out a regular safety check (tyres at the correct pressure, brakes working and nothing loose like spokes, saddle or handlebars) RoSPA has a video and checklist to help you.

Wearing a cycle helmet will help provide protection to the head in the event of a collision or falling off (remember to replace if damaged) and follow the manufacturer’s fitting instructions.
Make sure that your child isn’t wearing any loose clothing or shoe laces which could become tangled in the chain or wheels.

Mark Lilley, paediatric major trauma co-ordinator at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, has been speaking about the injuries he has seen and how to prevent them. Click on the external link below to view his videp

19 June 2020Non Native Species Information

Latest Newsletter- several scottish initiatives!

Suggestions for safe lockdown activities: http://www.nonnativespecies.org/news/index.cfm?id=347

Free online training: http://www.nonnativespecies.org/elearning

Activities for children: http://www.nonnativespecies.org/index.cfm?pageid=530

Website: www.nonnativespecies.org

19 June 2020GIVE-Summer Programme

From the 3rd July to 7th August young people aged 11-18 can take part in a range of activities that encourage citizenship, volunteering and social action, as well as personal development. Young people can choose which activities they want to take part in - and resource packs can be provided for a range of the activities on offer.

Young people will earn points for completing activities, which will be done at home, in your local community or online. Exchange these points for gift vouchers that can be used in local businesses, such as The Toy Shop, Helensburgh Art Hub, Costa, W.H Smith and more to be confirmed!

19 June 2020SHIAIN Report:Health Impact Scoping of Public Places

This is a report of a Scoping Exercise held on 2nd June 2020 to review English Guidance on Safer Public Places, in order to inform development of similar guidance for Scotland.

Click the external link below to read the report

18 June 2020Test and Protect

18 June 2020

18 June 2020Caring For People

Caring for People Helpline Helpline: 01546 605524 now offers

  • Emotional Support service

18 June 2020June Funding Update

June Funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

June  2020  Alert 197

18 June 2020Latest Scam Share update 12.06.20

This week’s SCAM Share update from our partners at Trading Standards Scotland gives information and advice on current Scams. The issues highlighted include
Contact Tracing Scams
Online Shopping
Pension Scams
HMRC Scams
Streaming Scams
Cancellations and Refunds
Face Masks
Microsoft Scams
Illegal Puppy Farms
Bank Transfers
Illegal Money Lending Unit

18 June 2020Bin Collections from Monday June 22nd

Bin Collections from Monday June 22nd

  • General Domestic Waste ie Landfill, will be on a 3 weekly cycle
  •  Recycling ( blue bins) will be on a 2 weekly cycle
  • Kerb Glass Recycling will Start week beginning July 6th
  •  There is no date for the resumption of Food Waste Collection

 Your previous calender will be valid again, and you can confirm this by checking on the Council website or by phoning : 01546 605514 

 If you have had to use your blue bin for general waste at any time over the past few weeks, you are asked to wash it out before starting to use it again. Materials cannot be accepted for recycling if they are in any way contaminated.

18 June 2020Blackhill Recycling Centre

Blackhill Recycling Centre is fully open

Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm


Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Last entry to the site is 30 minutes before closing time unless an existing queue means the site has to close earlier to allow everyone to be out by 17:30. This gives time for the vehicles queuing to have the contents unloaded. If you do plan to visit the centre, give yourself plenty of time.

29 May 2020Fire Safety

The following message has been circulated on behalf of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

As lockdown restrictions are eased in Scotland, please be aware that a 'VERY HIGH' risk of wildfire remains in place until Monday

After several weeks of dry conditions, our countryside is tinder dry - and vulnerable to fire.
Please take care in rural areas and countryside and follow the advice on link below

29 May 2020Webinare which you may be interested in



The first of a series of webinars being presented by Helensburgh Community Council

Speaker: Stewart Noble

Date and time: Thursday 4th June at 7 PM

How to take part

1. If you have not already done so, sign up on the Internet for Zoom – go to


2. Tell Community Councillor Tariq Durrani that you wish to participate, by sending him an email as soon as possible to tsdurrani@gmail.com

3. Shortly before 7 PM on Thursday 4th June Tariq will send you an email inviting you to join the webinar – just follow the instructions on his email.

The webinar is an interactive Internet-based seminar, and so you will have the opportunity to ask questions; instructions on how to do so will be given prior to the start of the webinar.

29 May 2020Latest Scamshare Bulletin

This week’s SCAM Share update gives information and advice on current Scams. Those highlighted this week include:

Fake Online Stores
Fake Electrical Products
Covid-19 Phone Scams
Warranty Scams
Working from Home - Cyber attacks
Collapse of Specialist Leisure Group
False Medical Claims
Fire Safety
Supermarket Voucher Scams
Illegal Puppy Trade
Doorstep Scams
Unfair Business Practices
Illegal Money Lending

29 May 2020Civil Amenity Centre on Helensburgh Pier

Received from A&B following request for further information on how this will operate:

In order to keep customers and site staff safe, staff will not help you dispose of your waste. Please only bring what you can safely lift from your vehicle into the containers."

This means that when you approach the skip for garden waste you will then be allowed to get out of your car and tip your waste into the skip, if this means you are emptying a garden waste bag into the skip and then retaining your bag for future use that will be fine.  What's important to note is that none of the staff will be able to help you tip your bag so you will need to be able to lift the bag and its  contents by yourself (or with the help of one other member from your household) up to the height of the skip.

 This means that I for one will have to repack all my garden waste bags as I usually have to give them a good vertical shake to empty the contents over the fence at Backhill. I will not be able to do this with a skip!

​ You have been warned!

Below is the information provided by A&B

This is only short-term. The Blackhill site will go back to normal operations, with all the usual recycling options, as soon as it is safe to do so – we hope no later than a fortnight after opening.

Opening times from Monday June 1st.

Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Last entry to the site is 30 minutes before closing time. This gives time for the vehicles queuing to have the contents unloaded. If you do plan to visit the centre, give yourself plenty of time.

What you can take:

Domestic/general waste and garden waste.

For the initial period there will be no containers available for recycling paper, cardboard and plastics.

What you can’t take:

  • Electrical items/white goods
  • Large items of furniture
  • Hazardous materials like asbestos, gas cylinders and tyres.

Cars will be allowed into the temporary civic amenity area on a one-in, one-out basis. Please be patient and stay within your car until you are directed to an unloading point.

For an initial period only cars will be allowed on the temporary site. This will allow more customers to use the site safely.  We will not be able to accept trailers, vans or commercial traffic on site at this time.

If the site becomes too busy it will need to close again. Full details of how the site will operate can be found on the Council website.

18 May 2020Japanese Knotweed

Two news items have appeared in the press over the past couple of weeks: 

You can eat it!  

 and dogs can track it down!



09 May 2020Leaflet promoting the Caring for People Helpline

Every household in Argyll and but will receive the latest version of a document by mail next week, promoting the Caring for People Helpline.

A video has also been produced  in which  you can hear the words. 




08 May 2020May Funding Alert

May Funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

May 2020  Alert 196

01 May 2020Track your symptoms

If you think you have Covid-19, it’s important to mark your calendar at the first sign of illness and keep track as they develop. Hear is a rough timeline of how the virus progresses:

  • Days 1 to 3 — It can start with a tickle in your throat or a cough, a fever, headaches, feeling winded or a little pressure in your chest. Some people may just feel tired. Some may lose their sense of taste and smell.
  • Days 4 to 8 — Fevers, cough and fatigue will intensify in many patients. Around Day 5, older patients and those with underlying conditions should start watching for signs of a more serious infection, like increasing shortness of breath.
  • Days 8 to 12 — People with mild cases may start to feel better, but doctors urge caution at this stage. Many patients will continue recovering, but some may quickly take a turn for the worse. It can happen in younger and healthier patients as late as Day 12.

After that — If your illness was relatively mild, you should be well recovered by this point. Those whose symptoms were worse, but who maintained normal blood oxygen levels, should be feeling mostly recovered. Patients who had severe symptoms or needed medical intervention will recover more slowly.

30 April 2020Become a telephone befriender

Become a Telephone Befriender:

Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface needs people to support their local communities by making regular phone calls to help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation in others. You don’t need experience and full support will be given.

30 April 2020Good News for fish lovers

Coyles, the fish shop on West Princes Streey Helensburgh Coyles has reopened for fish, Wednesdays to Friday, with deliveries on Saturday -

Please phone Eddie before coming to the shop so he can make sure he has what you want - 01436 676772.

He had to throw a lot away last week as people didn't know he was open!

29 April 2020Digital Inclusion Appeal

Do you have a phone, tablet or laptop sitting in a drawer unused and gathering dust, and that could be recycled for use by families and individuals in need?

Following the success of the Digital Connections project in Kintyre, Inspiralba in partnership with Argyll and Bute Community Learning are now rolling it out in the Helensburgh and Lomond area. If you would like to help us you can:

  •  Donate an unused device that is still in decent working condition for recycling
  •  Volunteer in one of the following roles – Digital Skills (processing and resetting devices), or Collection and Distribution of devices

Further information on the project can be found here. 

If you can help in any way please get in touch with ourlocal coordinator:

Ruth Cairns, Community Learning Worker. 01436 658736 / ruth.cairns@argyll-bute.gov.uk

27 April 2020Increase in Scams

Some of the most recent scams which have been reported by consumers across Scotland, including those related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Travel Cancellations
  • Mobility Aid Scams
  • Netflix Scam
  • Misleading Adverts for IV Drips
  • Hand Sanitiser - Official Guidance
  • Volunteer Shopping Cards
  • Pension Scams
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Financial Impact COVID 19

Google reported this week that they are blocking around 18 million scam emails related to Covid-19 each day: a fifth of all hoax messages sent to Gmail accounts. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of people's uncertainty around developments relating to the pandemic and, as well as emails, are rapidly creating malicious websites and apps that appear similar to genuine software.

Use this link to head straight to this weeks Scam Share 

A Suspicious Email Reporting Service to makes it easy for people to forward suspicious emails to them, including those related to Covid-19.

Stay safe while online at home and report all scams to Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 164 6000.

26 April 2020Garden Bonfires

A&B Environmental Health have published a leaflet giving advice on Home Bonfires. 

 The burning of waste, particularly in built-up area can cause a nuisance.

 Please be considerate and only burn if you have to . Home compost what you can.

 The advice is, if you have to have a fire

Do not burn  before  6pm  and make sure that the smoke does not cause a nuisance to your neighbours. 

 If a bonfire is causing a nuisance to neighbours then action can be taken under Section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Council can serve an abatement notice requiring the bonfire to be put out and preventing bonfires in the future. 

 Failure to comply with the abatement notice is an offence carrying a maximum fine of £5,000.

Environmental Health will investigate nuisance complaints in relation to bonfires.

You can contact them 

  • by telephone on 01546 605519 or
  • by email at envhealth@argyll-bute.gov.uk

18 April 2020Another home delivery opportunity: Loch Fyne Oysters

 New Service: Home Delivery 

Telephone 01499 600484 .between  9am and 5pm Mondaty to Friday

or email your contact details to shop@lochfyne.com and they will call you back!

As well as fish they have meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy, pasta,  and other houshold essentials. bread and groceries.

Home delivery web page

18 April 2020Bin Collections

There is still some confusion, not surprising since there are contradictions on the Argyll and Bute website

  • Argyll and Bute have moved to a two weekly collection and general waste and recycling will be collected at the same time, and both will go into landfill. 
  • The date of your collection is the date of your recycling. 
  • There will be no food waste or glass collection until further notice.
  • Blackhill is closed
  • All public toilets are closed.
  • All playparks are closed.

You can check your collection date on the bin collection page of the Argyll and Bute website. You will see that your next two collections are listed.

If you are not a heavy producer of recycling, you might be able to flatten plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and cans  and hold onto your recycling until this emergency ends.

06 April 2020Changes in Way A&B operate

05 April 2020The Brae Shop

The Brae Shop, Rhu. 3 Manse Brae, G84 8RE Rhu  

has milk, eggs, bread, tea, coffee, cheese, bacon amd toilet rolls.

They also have wine, beer,whisky, vodka, and of course Buckfast!

They are now  operating a delivery service for the over 70s, the disabled and the self isolating in the village.

If you live in Shandon  you can order and pay for items over the phone and arrange to have them picked up at the shop.

You can phone  on 01436 821765 and pay over the phone.

At the shop you can pay by card and they do cashback.

Opening hours Mon-Fri: 6.30 - 17.30, Sat&Sun:7.00 - 14-00. 

Facebook page 

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