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what3words app available to download

Added on 31 March 2021

Police Scotland now use the ‘what3words’ app to help pinpoint a particular location in emergency situations in addition to traditional addresses.

What3words works by gridding the Earth into 3x3 metre squares - the coordinates of each are then given three unique words to pinpoint an exact location. This will be useful for members of the public who are contacting the police from rural or unknown areas.

“What3words will help frontline police officers and staff to locate members of the public quickly when they are calling from an unknown or rural area. When Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, we know that people may want to venture further from home, to remote or rural locations. What3words does not change the requirement to ensure that you are properly prepared if heading to the hills, always have a map and compass and ensure that you have your route planned out in advance." Superintendent Iain MacLelland

More information about what3words can be found on the external link below.