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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Social Media sites for reliable traffic information

Added on 27 February 2021

Neil MacFarlane, Transport Scotland, has provided the below information for Area Community Planning Groups around social media sites which can be used for reliable traffic information.  

This is a portal for all traffic related information.

When there is an issue at the Rest it will feature on the list of current events on the front page. Click ‘Details’ for more current information.

This site also holds a wealth of other traffic related information including current and planned roadworks, winter information, gritter tracking etc 

There is a mobile phone version of the site which can also be found on the front page and is handy to view on a phone.

This is part of the same website but is an internet radio station with continuous traffic updates. Normal radio stations also give traffic bulletins. Radio Scotland and probably the most reliable. 

Traveline Scotland app

Traveline Scotland, working in partnership with Transport Scotland's Traffic Scotland service, provides a free Android, iPhone, Windows and Amazon Kindle Fire app that offers all the information you'll need to plan your journey in Scotland. The app includes public transport departure boards for every Scottish bus stop, ferry terminal and Glasgow Subway station, together with local taxi details relevant to your location. It also takes information from Traffic Scotland website regarding live incidents.


Twitter is an app which can also be downloaded to any smart phone. Once you have registered (free) you can then follow any number of other account holders including BEAR Scotland (@NWtrunkroads) and Traffic Scotland (@trafficscotland). There are millions of other information feeds that can also be followed if you like but that is for each person to decide. If you wished you could just follow those information feeds and use it in a very simple way.

 Traffic Customer Care Line 0800 028 1414 

Transport Scotland provides a 24 hour Traffic Customer Care Line dedicated phone service that can be contacted by calling:0800 028 1414

The Traffic Customer Care Line operators have access to the Traffic Scotland Web Site and can provide this information over the phone to the caller. Through this service users will be able to access traffic information whilst on the move giving them the power to plan and manage their journey to greater effect. This service provides users with the ability to:

  • Enquire about current road conditions and roadworks, planned roadworks, planned events and severe weather conditions.
  • Report road surface defects, issues relating to Variable Message Signs, carriageway obstructions, breakdowns, diesel spills and other emergencies.
  • Access information regarding alternative routes and transport modes for regular journeys disrupted by roadworks.
  • Register complaints and third party damage claims.
  • Provide feedback on any aspect of the Traffic Scotland web service.
  • If calling from a mobile phone some networks may charge for this call. Please remember do not use a mobile phone whilst driving.