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Rhu & Shandon Community Council

Flooding in Shandon

Added on 01 March 2020

Late on Wednesday afternoon, February 26th, Cdre Doulll was given a tour of the areas  that suffered the effects of the flooding. Since it had been relatively dry for a few days, we did not have dramatic scenes of water gushing everywhere, but Cdre Doull fully appreciated and understood the cause and extent of the problem.

He has found out very recently, that because the flooding is connected with the railway line that served the port, the land  is considered to be MoD land under his jurisdiction. This means that he will authorise and pay for the repair work.

The same  evening he wrote to say that he has already provided his team (and the DIO) with a clear direction over what action he expects and has asked for a brief on an action plan to make this happen, including forecast completion dates. In addition he has asked Captain Gibbons to investigate the procedure that residents will follow regarding compensation..

This is good news and we hope to see action on the ground very soon.  

I will continue to post pictures of the flooding on our websiteand update via  a news item  anything significant that happens!.