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03 January 2021Deadlines for Surveys connected with the Proposed Woodlands.

The online survey, launched on 19th December will close on Monday 4th January.

 It will have been open for 17 days. 

 The hand delivered  survey which is being delivered to residents who regularly use Pier and Station  Roads  will close on 10th January.  Every one in the area should have received a copy by Monday 4th. 

We apologise for the short survey period for the latter, but we have to make a response to Scottish Forestry by 15th January. 

01 January 2021Scam Vaccine text

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout through a cruel but convincing text in an attempt to steal people’s personal and financial details. The text contains a link that leads to a very believable but bogus NHS website with an application form to register to take the vaccine.

 Since those of us of a certain age will be expecting a call, please be on your guard. 

 Thanks to Which for this warning.


01 January 2021On-Line Classes in Tai Chi

Virtual Classes from the comfort and safety of your own home.

 This gently form of exercise can improve balance, flexibility and muscle strength as well as reducing pain and stiffness.


  • Saturday 16th January from  10.0am -11am for 8 weeks
  • Monday 25th January from 11am -12pm for 7 weeks
  • Wednesday 27th January from 10am -11am for 7 weeks

 Returners only:Saturday 16th January​

  • from 1.30pm  -2.30pm
  • from  3.30-4.30 (Seated Tai Chi)

27 December 2020Planning Applications for proposed woodlands.

This weeks Planning List includes the applications

Stuckenduff: 20/02234/FGS


Letrault: 20/02235/FGS

The physical appearence of this website will change in the next few weeks to make it display better on  a mobile phone.

Meanwhile the page on this website  which displays Local Planning Application details cannot be updated. This is why I have included these Applications References here.

You can type these each reference number in turn into the Simple Search box which you will find on the external link below.

Anyone can make a representation on the applications in the usual way.

 Most of the information on the Argyll and Bute site has been posted on our website since we received it on 4th December

18 December 2020Woodland Creation at Letrault and Stuckenduff

We have received notification on the proposed woodlands.

All the information that we have received  have been posted on this website.

 Despite the concerns of the Community Council and residents regarding the  movement of timber trucks associated with harvesting from Highlandman's Wood over the past two years, and the indications that another route could be found for these new plantings as well as the harvesting of the three other phases from Highlandman's and Torr forests,  these proposals still detail Pier Road as the Access Road. The Operation Plan provided by Scottish Forestry states:

"Further consultation with interested parties will be required to resolve this issue and find a solution to move forward".

A survey, along with a short summary of the situation,  has been sent to everyone on our Mailing list. Alternatively you can click on the external link below to complete the survey.

Please let us know what you think by completing the survey asap.

 The consultations close on 15th January 202. We have asked for an extension but have not heard anything to date.

12 December 2020Festive Bin Collection Schedule

Rubbish and recycling collections due on

  •  Friday 25th December will be collected on Sunday 27th December
  • Friday 1st January will be collected on Sunday 3rd January

Commercial (business premises only) glass collections due on

  • Saturday 26th December or 2nd January will be collected on Sunday 27th December and 3rd January

All other rubbish and recycling collections will take place as normal over the festive period

Blackhill recycling and civic amenity site will be closed on 25th/26th  December and 1st/2nd January

Find your bin calendar and advice on what goes in your bins for Helensburgh and Lomond from the external link below.

05 December 2020Upbeat News from Argyll and Bute

Snippits from this weeks News Round-up from Argyll and Bute

 Remember you can sign up to have the weekly New Round-up delivered to your inbox. Just follow the external link below.

05 December 2020ALTH80

How do the health & wellbeing circles work?

The circles are small groups that come together weekly over the phone. They are a great way to connect with others and to feel supported and encouraged by our health and wellbeing professionals, Jenny and Yolanda, to stay active.

There is a freephone number so it costs nothing to take part and you don't need to have participated in the YouTube videos to take part in the circles - these are open to everyone over the age of 50 and carers are welcome to join too.

How do I register to join?

If you, or someone you know, would like to join our health & wellbeing circles, you can register by calling us on 0333 32 32 400 or by emailing info@agescotland.org.uk and we'll provide further details on what you need to do next.

05 December 2020Contact Tracing scam

Be warned! Scam contact tracers are about!

Genuine contact tracers may first send you a text to let you know that you will receive a call from NHS Scotland. Calls will be made from 0800 030 8012.

Callers will:

  • Introduce themselves and state the reason for their call
  • Address you by your name
  • Ask for details of people you have come into contact with, in a relevant time period
  • Inform you that you will receive further information by email with advice on isolation and the support available (if you don’t have access to email, they may ask for your home address so this information can be delivered to you by post)

They will NOT:

  • Ask you for information other than your movements and the people you have been in contact with
  • Ask for financial information such as bank or credit card details
  • Ask for details of medical records
  • Try to sell you anything or ask for any payments or donations
  • Ask you to set up a PIN or download anything
  • Ask for your social media details, passwords or PIN numbers
  • Ask for remote access to your computer
  • tAsk you to phone a premium rate number or visit a website other than NHS Scotland or the Scottish Government

Genuine contact tracers will give you the option to call the above national number to verify that the service is genuine.

05 December 2020Latest Scan Share Bulletin

The following Scam Share Bulletin Link is being circulated on behalf of Trading Standards Scotland

Topics this week include:

  • Counterfeit Electrical Products
  • Buy a Puppy Safely
  • Grant Scams
  • Investment Scams
  • Warning Over Fake Vaccines
  • Bank Scams
  • Business Guidance

Further details in the external link below

04 December 2020Helensburgh & Lomond's Very Own Living Well Advent Calendar

The youth forum’s Mental Health Champions have created a Wellbeing advent calendar with a new activity every day until Christmas that will boost your wellbeing. You can find it on the external link below

04 December 2020Your Garden in Winter

Your choice of plants and garden features  will reward you by looking attractive and stimulating wildlife activity all year round.

Argyll and Bute is considered to be a biodiversity hot spot with its range of land, freshwater, and marine and coastal habitats and species – and your garden could play an important part in creating a welcoming habitat for wildlife.

You find out more from the external link below.

04 December 2020Put a light in your window...

We are delighted to see that many of you are already doing this. 

It is a quick and easy way to cheer up your neighbourhood.

Our Christmas tree is now up. More lights to follow I am told .

 Thanks again this year to the Marines and the organisational skills of Mark Fitzsimmons from Faslane and our own Convener Jim Duncan 

04 December 2020Road Maintenace in Argyll and Bute

The winter maintenance routes are determined in order of priority, with resources focussed on the roads which carry the greatest amount of traffic. Our roads team works diligently to this strict programme.

Unless in an emergency it is highly unlikely that roads other than those shown on this map will be gritted.

 Helensburgh and Lomond Pre-Treatment Routes

 You cab read more details on how the Council operates from their website

01 December 2020December Funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

December 2020  Alert 203

16 November 2020Free ROSPA Webinar

RoSPA’s November webinar for families will focus on Carbon Monoxide safety. As the temperature plummets and the heating goes on, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide and the steps that can be taken to prevent harm.

A representative from Scotland’s Gas Networks (SGN) who will provide important information and advice to keep safe this winter from the various ways that Carbon Monoxide can get into our homes.

You will also hear a personal account from a father who tragically lost his daughter to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

The webinar will take place at 10am on Wednesday the 25th November. 
You can sign up to attend this FREE webinar by clicking on the external link below.

16 November 2020EU Settlement Scheme


  •  EU citizens living in Argyll  should apply as soon as possible for settled or pre-settled status to be sure of  keeping their residence in Scotland.
  •  The UK government guidance says that as long as EU citizens are in the UK by 31st December 2020 they have till 30th June 2021 to submit an application for the status.
  •  But the situation is not straightforward as far as an applicant’s continuing rights to benefits, housing and other services after 31st Dec 2020 is concerned.

For this reason Citizens Advice Scotland is strongly urging EU citizens to make the application  before 31st Dec 2020 or get in touch for advice on how to do it.

For free advice: Contact Argyll & Bute Citizens Advice 01546 605550 to speak to the EU Settlement Scheme Support Adviser or email info@abcab.org.uk

Or contact the free national helpline on 0800 916 9847

16 November 2020Non Native Species Newsletter

Click on the external link below. for the latest version.

The Invasive Species Week will be returning in 2021, during the week beginning 24th May 2021. With the current uncertainties there will be  lots of online activities, which will be posted as they becoe available. 

05 November 2020Latest Scam Share Bulletin 5th November

Latest Alert gives information  scams involving 

  • Fake goods
  • Bank Phone Scam:Your bank will NEVER cold call and ask you to transfer money to another account.
  •  Doorstep Scammers
  • Brexit related Scams
  • "Eco-friendly" Claims
  • Employment Scams
  • Advice for Businesses
  •  Scottish Illegal Money-Lending Unit. 

Click on the external link for details. 

05 November 2020DVLA scam

Beware of a DVLA Scan which is doing the rounds.

This landed in my inbox 

 Reminder: Vehicle Tax DD Payment Schedule 

 Update your profile 

 Hi  followed by my email address

 All data transmission over this website is secured

Even though I pay by DD and my vehicle tax is due soon, I was suspicious and googled "Update your profile" 

Mine was just one of  many DVLA scams doing the rounds!

Remember: the DVLA never sends texts or emails which ask you to confirm personal information or payment details via a link. 

04 November 2020Open call to share health and well being experiences during Covid-19

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland has launched an open call to

  • individuals,
  • families and
  • carers

to share their health and wellbeing experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic 

The online survey can be accessed directly at the external link below.

04 November 2020Check the roads before you go

The clocks have gone back and we’re heading into winter. Make sure you keep 

yourself safe when travelling by checking road conditions before your leave.

You can do this by clicking on the external link below.

04 November 2020 Dog Owners Beware!

There is a team of dog snatchers active in the villages North of Glasgow.

Glenbrae Veterinary Clinic in Bearsden delivered the warning on their Facebook page.

Two women and two men are knocking on residents' doors, pretending to work for an energy company in order to scope out the dogs living in each home.

They are then putting cable ties on the lamp post beside the house so they know these people have dogs so they can go back and steal them.

They have been active in Bearsden, Milngavie, Millton of Campsie and Lennoxtown. 

Rhu Bay facebook page reports that cable ties on lamp posts have been seen in Rosneath, Garelochhead and Rhu. 

03 November 2020November Funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

November 2020  Alert 202

03 November 2020Firework Safety

The SPCA have recently launched a national campaign with relevant partners asking people to respect their environment, people and animals by following the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service firework code.

#Firework Safety :Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Smart.

 More details on the external link below.

You can report fireworks misuse or deliberate fire raising to Police Scotland by calling 101 or if you’re 11+ you can #BeFearless in speaking up about WHO is responsible for crime 100% anonymously at Fearless.org
In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999

03 November 2020Latest Scam Share Alert

This latest SCAM Share bulletin link from our partners at Trading Standards Scotland gives useful information and advice on current Scams.

Those highlighted include:

  • Don’t fake it: Counterfeit Goods
  • Fake Festive Events
  • Covid Marshall Scams
  • Marks and Spencer Gift Card Scam
  • Travel Refunds
  • Energy Supplier Scams
  • Voicemail Scam Texts
  • Microsoft Team Scam
  • Scottish Illegal Money Lending Unit

Read more about these by clicking on the External Link below

03 November 2020 Woman bitten by a Dog in the Woods above Kirk Brae, Shandon

This  could have happened to a child, hence the warning. 

For the record the the dog was a mongrel about the size of a labrador, with pale pinkish-fawn fur. Its ears were small and flopped forwards, like a terrier. 

 The elderly male dog owner, wearing a pale raincoate, did not  respond to the shouts of the victim; maybe he did not realise that it had happened or did not hear.  On medical advice the victim went to the Vale of Leven where the treatment was strong antibiotics.



27 October 2020Share your experiences during Covid-19

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland has launched an open call to individuals, families and carers to share their health and wellbeing experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online survey can be accessed directly at: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/people-at-the-centre-open-call

23 October 2020 A message from the Garelochhead Station Trust.

We are hosting an opportunity for anyone to remember loved ones (it does not matter when they passed away) and record those memorise on a Remembrance Tree. This is open to any member of the community.

 The tree will stay in place for Remembrance Sunday on 8th November and then be relocated to Garelochhead Railway station.

We feel that as this year due to Covid people have not been given the opportunity to pay their respects or remember loved ones, that we would host this event.


23 October 2020Door to door canvass


 Note that the underlining of email addresses in this poster does not indicate linkage!

23 October 2020Latest Cyber Resilience Bulletin

If you get a scam message of any sort you should report it. The simplest to remember is  to forward

  • suspicious emails to: report@phishing.gov.uk,
  • suspicious text messages  to 7726.

These are acknowledged by the to National Cyber Security Centre

You can also report to Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 164 6000 or via their new ScamWatch tool. 

The latest Cyber Resilience Bulletin can be found on the external link below.

 This contains the latest scam share bulletin

23 October 2020Student Minds: if you know of a student who needs help

 If you're a student, or if a friend or family member is a student, the website on the external link below could be helpful.  Please share with anyone you think may find it useful.



23 October 2020Friendship Help Line

Please pass this on to anyone you feel might welcome it. This information was provided bu Jayne Burnett, who is the Manager of th friendshipline charity.


19 October 2020Fire and smoke alarms: changes to the law

Announced Today - Year's delay in implementing this! 

The standard requires:

  • one smoke alarm installed in the room most frequently used for general daytime living purposes
  • one smoke alarm in every circulation space on each storey, such as hallways and landings
  • one heat alarm installed in every kitchen
  • All alarms should be ceiling mounted and interlinked.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors should be fitted where there is a fuel burning appliance (such as boilers, fires (including open fires) and heaters) or a flue. These do not need to be linked to the fire alarms.

 The external link below gives more details.

  More information will be posted as it becomes available, but be aware that the industry is already leafleting in the area.

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