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24 July 2021Hermitage Park Green Gym

24 July 2021Hermitage Park Green Gym

24 July 2021Hermitage Park Green Gym

24 July 2021Hermitage Park Green Gym

16 June 2021Waverley Sailings from Kilcreggan

11 June 2021Level Crossing warning from Network Rail

11 June 2021Latest scam Share and CyberScotland Bulletin

Scam Share and CyberScotland Bulletin  for June                       

                   The external link below contains the latest advice, news and support relative to scams. 

Topics this week include:

  • Scams Awareness Fortnight
  • Doorstep Scams
  • HMRC Tax Credit Scams Warning
  • Holiday Scams
  • Census Scams
  • Investment Scams
  • Illegal Puppy Dealer Jailed
  • Child Safety Week
  • Meal Kit Scam Texts
  • Business Cyber Attacks
  • Product Safety

 CyberScotland Bulletin – June 2021

 The following link is to the CyberScotland Bulletin for June https://wwwCyCy.cyberscotland.com/june-2021/

Topics this month include:

  • Protect your online streaming accounts
  • HMRC Tax Credit Scam
  • Protect your organization with Cyber Essentials
  • WhatsApp Scam and more

Please help others by sharing this information as much as possible.

10 June 2021New Walking/ Cycling path between Helensburgh and Garelochhead

Have your say on the proposed walking/ cycling route between Helensburgh and Garelochhead.

 The Survey closed on 18th June. 

 Click on the link to give your comments

03 June 2021June Funding Alert

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

June 2021  Alert 209


03 June 2021Road Closure in Rhu Village

A 814 from Pier Road to Aros Road

Between 1800 hours and 0500 hours every night from 20th June to 24th June 2021 to enable essential resurfacing works to be executed on or near the road.

Access will be maintained in the event of an emergency for fire brigade, ambulance or police purposes, and to a vehicle being used for carrying out the works or a vehicle requiring access/egress to and from affected properties.


09 May 2021 A Guide for Parents and Carers

Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety

Click on the external link below for advice and information on digital parenting

This guide was created to support online safety training for kinship carers in Scotland. It will be valued by all parents and carers across Scotland. It can be used to support children of any age, but it has a particular focus on the digital resilience of teenagers. This is because of the particular challenges we face keeping adolescents - who are more independent - safe online.

If you have any concerns for a child’s safety and child sexual abuse, then please take action now. Stop It Now!’s confidential UK Helpline (0808 1000 900) is open Monday to Friday, and available for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse. Callers do not need to give identifying information, so can remain anonymous. 

07 May 2021Telephone Scam

The scam involves criminals contacting local people by telephone,claiming to be from a service provider such as an internet or mobile phone provider. They go on to dupe the victim into believing that their mobile phone has been hacked and, in order to free up the phone, they must download and install an app in order to remove the ‘spyware’.

The criminals then talk the unsuspecting victim through the process of‘setting up’ the app. What they are really doing is enabling themselves to clone the victim’s mobile phone with all of their passwords and login information neatly saved into the rogue app allowing them to make purchases through any bank cards saved on the phone and even access online accounts.

 This scam has ccaught people in our local community.

07 May 2021Funding Alerts

For information

Details of funding available are published monthly

April  2021  Alert 207

May 2021 Alert 208

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