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18 April 2020Bin Collections

There is still some confusion, not surprising since there are contradictions on the Argyll and Bute website

  • Argyll and Bute have moved to a two weekly collection and general waste and recycling will be collected at the same time, and both will go into landfill. 
  • The date of your collection is the date of your recycling. 
  • There will be no food waste or glass collection until further notice.
  • Blackhill is closed
  • All public toilets are closed.
  • All playparks are closed.

You can check your collection date on the bin collection page of the Argyll and Bute website. You will see that your next two collections are listed.

If you are not a heavy producer of recycling, you might be able to flatten plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and cans  and hold onto your recycling until this emergency ends.

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