Local Development Plan. 

November 21st 2014:  This is a preliminary summary of the Recommendations of the Reporters to the issues  (see below)which concerned the Community Council. This summary may well be amended later. 

  • ISS106, page 135. Bairvadach housing   The reporters recommend that the 60 houses be reduced to 48, and the area allocated for the  64 houses seems to have been reduced, by excluding the area of land on the south eastern edge which is used as an obstacle course for the outdoor centre.
  • ISS 113 Page 194. Housing on the marina. The reporters recommend that . "High density" be removed and replaced by a statement leaving the Council free to judge the appropiatness of the housing element in any future planning application.
  • ISS 104, page 117: Green belt. The Reporters found that the approach adopted by the Council is appropriate and is consistent with that advocated in relation to green belts by Scottish Planning Policy. They concluded that the plan’s glossary definition of ‘Green belt’ should be modified to read to read: “a development management zone which comprises a substantial area of countryside peripheral to the settlements of Cardross, Helensburgh, Rhu and Shandon and which may be subject to considerable pressure for development.” 


February 2014: The Local Development Plan was passed unanimously at the Helensburgh and Lomond Area committee, despite local opposition and some Councillors complaining that the situation was undemocratic. The Plan is now considered by the Recorder, who will receive all representations. It is expected that the final adoption date will be October 2014. 

This plan covers the next 10 years. The main issues for Rhu and Shandon were

  • change from 28 to 64 houses at Blairvadach
  • new allocation of 60 houses at Blairvadach
  • redesignation of the housing to be built on the marina site from medium density to high density
  • redesignation of Greenbelt land

The Local Development Plan is crucial to planning system in Scotland. This extract from the Guide to "The Planning System in Scotland" emphasises this.

Below are the submissions made by Rhu and Shandon Community Council in response to the Local Development Plan consultation. The documents are attached in two different formats. 

  • R&S CC Issue 1 Rhu Marina Schedule     pdf    docx
  • R&S CC Issue 2 Blairvadach Housing      pdf    docx
  • R&S CC Issue 3 Green Belt Changes      pdf    docx
  • R&S CC Issue 4 Rhu Marina PDA limits    pdf    docx




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