This covers the following 8 areas

  1. Open Spaces and Horticulture ( under development)
  2. Local Action on Knotweed
  3. Knotweed:The facts
  4. Flooding in Shandon
  5. Damage to the seawall  Click here for more information
  • The Community Council is are concerned that scrub, large trees and knotweed are all damaging the seawall.

    • In the past , the Council had a maintenance plan in place and the trees and scrub were cut back every two years
    • There is now no maintenance plan in place. 
    • We have been lobbying for action and a start has been made on some stretches.
    • There is still much more to do. 

      5. Dangerous Weeds

      6. Highlandman and Torr Forests

      7. Air Pollution in Rhu

      8. Letrault and Stuckenduff Woodlands


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