General Planning Information

The Planning series, produced by the Scottish Government. consists of:

  • Scottish Planning Policies (SPP) provide statements of Scottish Government policy on nationally important land use and other planning matters, supported where appropriate by a locational framework.
  • National Planning Framework(NPF) is the Scottish Government's strategy for Scotland's long trem spatial development
  •  Circulars, which also provide statements of Scottish Government policy, contain guidance on policy implementation through legislative or procedural change.
    • ​Planning Scotland's Seas: Draft. The relationship between the statutory land Use planning system and marine planning and licensing.

Statements of Scottish Government policy in the SPP, NPF and Circulars may be material considerations to be taken into account in development plans and development management decisions.  National Planning Policy Guidelines (NPPGs) have continued relevance to decision making, until such time as they are replaced by a SPP. The term SPP should be interpreted as including NPPGs.

  • Planning Advice Notes (PANs) provide advice on good practice and other relevant information.
  • The Planning Advice Note which contains information about masterplans is PAN83
  • Click here for a list of all Planning Advice Notes 


Further information on the Scottish Government's role in the planning system is available on


Planning Democracy is a group of volunteers which includes representatives of three community councils with years of experience in planning issues.

You can log onto their website and signup to receive a blog  which provides useful insights into.  and a commentary on, the Scottish Planning system. 

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