Planning Archive: Applications on which the Community Council has made Representations

19/02479/PP:Demolition of workshop/ store and erection of replacement workshop/store:

Land Adjacent To Beechwood Cottage, Rhu, 


Erection of Two Wind Turbines & Associated Infrastructure at Laigh Balernock. 

Approved at the Hearing in Rhu Hall at 10.45 on Tuesday June 27th 2017 this application was approved.

The application followed the  approval of planning application 16/00230/PP in March 2016 for the erection of  Temporary Monitoring Mast.  The mast was never erected.

The application for the Monitoring Mast was listed by Argyll and Bute coulcil as being in Garelochhead; in fact the mast is in Rhu and Shandon. The windfarm has one turbine in Garelochhead and the other and most of the infrastructire in Rhu and Shandon.

Siting a Metal Storage Container(retrospective) 15/03082/PP  Refused   May 2017

This is an application for retrospective planning permission for the siting of a large Shipping Container, 30 feet long, in the section of Ardencaple Plantation known as Roeburn Wood. The stated purpose of the container is primarily Secure Storage for Woodland Management Works.

Rhu and Shandon Community Council have lodged an objection to this application on the grounds that the granting of permission may set a precedent for more such objects to be placed on adjacent woodland within Rhu and Shandon boundaries.

A previous similar application was made in 2014 and rejected by the planners. There seems to be no change in circumstances since the original application, so we see no reason that retrospective permission should be granted now.

A posting (20th January) on the planning website states that the planning officer is minded to approve this for a temporary period of 2 years, and has asked and received details of exactly what will be stored in the container.

16/02624/LIB; 16/03059/PP; 16/03063/LIB:Refurbishment of 1-6 Main Road Rhu

Al of these applications have been approved.  The Community Council  sent representations to to the Council in support of these applications. 

14/02905/PP:Redevelopment of Lochside Care Home, Shandon. Approved 11/12/2015

A hearing was held on 11/12/2015 in Rhu and Shandon Community Centre. The PPSLC approved the proposal to demolish and erect a new building on the Gullybridge site, despite objections from ourselves and others.
The precise motion which was agreed by the Committee is not yet available, but  it puts conditions on

  • height(a reduction of 1.2m for the highest ridge and 0.5m for the side ridges),
  • access; improvements must be made before construction commences
  • traffic management; a plan is required both for the  the construction phase and for normal operation.

 It is a disappointing outcome, but these concessions would not have happened without the efforts of the community.

The Report of handling document is a summary of the application and representations which has been sent to the Planning,Protective services and Licencing Committee(PPSLC) with the recommendation that, subject to a discretionary local hearing held in advance of determination of the application, planning permission should be granted as a 'minor departure' to Policy LDP DM1 subject to certain conditions. LDP DM1 is supposed to control the scale of developments. The number of beds is not the real concern to the Community Council, rather the scale and bulk of the buildings. 

This briefing note has been sent to members of the PPSLC, our Argyl and Bute Councillors and has been distributed to the community through our mailing list.

This Representation was submitted to the Planning Department on 24/10/201515 on behalf of the Community Council in October 2015.


You may recall that when the plans were submitted in January this year, the Community Council had reservations about height, bulk, parking and access, which were transmitted to both the Owners and the Council. We asked to be kept informed when the amended plans were resubmitted. This happened on 9th October but, through an oversight, did not appear on the Planning Site until 23rd October. After consideration of the new plans the Community Council felt that their original reservations still stood, in fact to counter the risk of flooding the height of the buildings in the new plans has been raised.

14/01674/PP:  HELENSBURGH WIND FARM.  Application withdrawn in July 2015

The independently verified survey which we arranged to have delivered to every household the Rhu and Shandon in September 2014, showed that, of those who took part, 11% supported the wind farm and  89% were against. As a result, we have submitted an objection on the grounds that the wind farm contravenes local planning policy in several respects; the height and siting of the turbines, the proximity to the National Park and the visual intrusion into the sensitive countryside of Rhu and Helensburgh. There were many other objections, but the one from Glasgow Airport proved decisive.

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