To comment on a planning application, first find out the number of the application.

There is guidance on making comments on the A&B website 

Then you have three choices:

  • By email to planning.handl@argyll-bute.gov.uk, quoting the  number of the planning application and your name and address
  • By snail mail  to the Local Planning Office, quoting the number of the planning application, and your name and address
  • Via the Planning website; this has the advantage that you can register to track the application and you will receive an  email when any major change occurs with the application.
  • To make an electronic comment to Argyll and Bute Council.
  1. click in the link planning application page  of the Argyll and Bute website
  2. type in the number of the planning application if possible
  3. there is an option to type in a keyword if you do not know the number, but this is not entirely satisfactory. 
  4. You can see who have made comments by clicking on Public Comments.
  5. To make a comment, you first have to login. The login box is at the top of the page above Planning>>Application Summary.
  6. Then you have  just click on "Make a Public Comment"and then on "Make a comment". 
  7. It is useful to have your comment in Word before you start, since if your browser times out whilst you are typing in your comment, you lose everything. You  can cut and paste from Word. You only have 30 minutes and 2000 characters
  8. To see the comments that have already been made, click on "Documents" and then "View associated documents". 

 The window which shows  a list of documents. At the bottom of the page is the statement "Download all Documents". Clicking on this will download a zip file of the documents to your computer. You can them click on the zip file and use Word to Extract the documents. 

You can then open the documents in the normal fashion.

Access to documents on the planning website has changed. Below is historic; this still works but on some devices it is difficult to read the documents. Downloading as described above is a better way to view them. 

  • A window opens which shows the list of documents, which can extend to many pages. Click on the number on the left hand side and the document should open. You usually have the option of opening a PDF which allows you to open the whole document rather than opening individual pages. This is particulary useful for a large document. The plans for the application will be the first document posted, so it will on the last page of the documents.
  • To get back to the list of documents, from an individual document, click "the "BACK" button towards the top left of the page.
  • To get back from the list of documents to the Planning Application page, close the window by clicking the "x" in the top right hand corner. 



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