Planning Applications for developments in Rhu and Shandon  taken from the Weekly Lists from January 2017 are  below

  Pre 2017 applications.  (updated 3 June 2017)

Below is a list of the Planning Applications lodged in Rhu and Shandon, ordered by the date they appear in the weekly lists. You can view the planning application by typing the reference number into box on the "Simple Search" page of the Argyll and Bute Website. Help on using this facility is available on the planning page of this website. Representations are permitted for 21 days after the publication in the weekly list. The second date in the table below, is the date of publication in the Helensburgh Advertiser(HA). A blank indicates that it was not published, or has not yet been published.

This link takes you to the weekly lists of all valid planning applications in Argyll and Bute from January 2012 to the present, where you can find more details of the planning application.

The first page of this link explains what the letters in a planning application mean.

Rhu and Shandon Community Council accepts no responsibilty for the accuracy of the data.

17/00837/PP:This is on the southern border of the Rhu and Shandon area

17/02077/PNFOR:  Helensburgh is listed as the relevant CC, but the track is entirely in Rhu and Shandon

Page updated 17/02/2018

Date  Ref Number  Proposal Location Decision HA date
16th Feb 18/00260/LIB Installation of 5 replacement windows

Upper Dunard, Station Road, Rhu,  G84 8LW

Awaiting Decison  
  18/00304/PP Renewal of planning permission 14/02975/PP (Erection of
dwellinghouse and for mation of new vehicular access)

Rowaleyn, Glenarn Road, Rhu, G84 8LL

Awaiting Decison  
9th Feb NONE        
2nd Feb NONE        
26th Jan NONE        
19th Jan NONE        
12th Jan NONE        
5th Jan  NONE        
22 Dec NONE        
15 Dec 17/03174/TPO Proposed felling of two Sycamore trees Strathglass, Lineside Walk, Rhu, G84 8JJ Approved  
8th Dec 17/02734/TPO Lopping of Oak tree

Acorn Cottage, Glenarn Road, Rhu, G84 8LL

1st Dec


Alterations and extension

Torridon, Glenarn Road, Rhu, G84 8LL

26th Nov NONE        
17th Nov 17/02848/PP  Installation of replacement windows and roof covering Location:

Inchgower House, Manse Brae, Rhu,    G84 8RD

Approved 23/11
10th Nov NONE        
3rd Nov NONE        
27th Oct NONE        
20th Oct NONE        
13th Oct NONE        
6th Oct 17/02507/TPO Proposed felling of 9 trees Land At Gareloch Brae, Shandon Approved  
29th Sep 17/02492/PP Installation of flue 54 Manse Brae, Rhu, G84 8RD Approved  
22nd Sep NONE        
15th Sep 17/02315/PP

Erection of detached double garage incorporating gymnasium at first floor level

Woodcote, Pier Road, Rhu,  G84 8LJ

Approved 21/9
8th Sep 17/02327/TPO Proposed felling of 1no Quercus Robur Oak tree

Tighcreag, Armadale Road, Rhu, G84 8LG

  17/02347/PP Installation of replacement french doors 56 Manse Brae, Rhu, G84 8RD Approved 14/9
1st Sep  17/02244/TPO Proposed felling of 2no Larch trees.

1 Watersedge Court, Rhu,  G84 8SG

25th Aug NONE        
18th Aug NONE        
11th Aug 17/02077/PNFOR  Formation of forest track.

Highlandman’s Woodland, Ardencaple,

No Objections  
4th Aug 17/02023/PP Erection of 3 dwellinghouses (amended house designs and positions relative to planning permission 05/01568/DET)

Plots 7, 8 And 9 Land To The East Of Kings Point, Shandon.

28th Jul 17/01986/TPO

Proposed felling of 1no. Cherry Laurel tree.

Orwell Lodge, Pier Road, Rhu, G84 8LJ

21st Jul 17/01935/PP Installation of external vent cover on rear elevation   1 Lagarie House, Torwoodhill Road, Rhu,  G84 8LF Approved  
  17/01936/LIB Internal alterations to form WC and installation of external vent cover on rear elevation   1 Lagarie House, Torwoodhill Road, Rhu,  G84 8LF Approved 3/8
14th Jul 17/01698/TPO Proposed felling of 2no. Leylandii Fir trees. The Cottage, Spys Lane, Rhu,G84 8RA Awaiting Decison  
7th Jul 17/01770/PP Alterations and erection of extension

Clashwell, Gareloch Road, Rhu, G84 8NH


Proposed felling of 3no trees (1no Birch, 1no Ash and 1no Chestnut).

Wychwood, Lineside Walk, Rhu,G84 8JJ

30th Jun 17/01674/PP

Erection of dwellinghouse and detached garage and formation of vehicular access (amended house design and positioning relative to planning permission reference 15/00306/PP)

Garden Ground Of High Laggary, Station Road, Rhu, G84 8LW Approved 6/7
23rd June 17/01634/PP Formation of dormer window to rear elevation 1 Manse Place, Manse Brae, Rhu, G84 8RG Approved  
  17/01642/TPO Proposed felling of 3 trees Flat 11, Ardenconnell House, Manse Brae, Rhu, G84 8LS Approved  
16th June 17/01463/PP Alterations and extension to dwellinghouse and enlargement of balcony (retrospective) Springfield, Shandon, Helensburgh,  G84 8NW Approved  
9th June NONE        
2nd June  NONE        
26th May 17/01423/TPO Proposed felling of 1 no Scots Pine tree Rowanbrae , Hall Road, Rhu, Helensburgh, Argyll And Bute, G84 8RR Approved  
19th May 17/01259/TPO Proposed crown thinning of Flowering Cherry trees  12 Laggary Park, Rhu, Helensburgh, Argyll And Bute, G84 8LY Approved  
  17/01308/PP Installation of replacement windows Grianan Clarinish, Gareloch Road, Rhu, Helensburgh, Argyll And Bute, G84 8NH Approved 1/6
12 May 17/01210/TPO Proposed felling of 1 Norway Spruce tree

7 Gareloch Brae, Shandon, Helensburgh, G84 8PJ

  17/01212/TPO Proposed felling of 2 Japanese Larch trees

The Old Coach House Stuckenduff, Shandon, G84 8NW

5 May  17/01076/PP Installation of replacement windows Woodneuk, Gareloch Road, Rhu,  G84 8NH Approved 15/5
  17/00837/PP Proposed residential development comprising 76 dwellings including access road, parking areas, open space and landscaping. Land At Ardencaple Garden Centre, East Of Glenoran Road, Rhu Road Higher, G84 8JR Approved 15/5
28 Apr 17/00729/PP Erection of shed and formation of hardstanding area (part ret-

Rhu Football Club, Cumberland Road, Rhu, G84 8RX


Approved 4/5
  17/01107/NMA Non material amendment to Planning Per mission 14/00106/PP

Springfield, Shandon,         G84 8NW

21 Apr NONE        
14 Apr 17/00971/TPO

Proposed felling of 1no Sycamore tree and 1no Norway Maple tree.

2 Torr Crescent, Rhu,  G84 8LZ Approved  

 7 Apr



31Mar 2017

24 Mar 2017 17/00716/PP Installation of replacement windows and doors Rowanlea, Glenarn Road, Rhu,  G84 8LL Approved 30/3
17 Mar 2017 NONE        
10 Mar 2017 NONE        
3 Mar 2017 NONE        

24 Feb 2017

17/00287/PP Alterations to openings Dunadd, Pier Road, Rhu,     G84 8LH

17 Feb 2017

17/00357/LIB External and internal alterations Shop And Flat Rhu House, Manse Brae, Rhu,  G84 8RL

10 Feb 2017

17/00277/TPO Proposed felling of 1no. Ash Tree Aultmhor, Church Road, Rhu,  G84 8RW Approved  

3 Feb 2017

17/00194/PP Erection of detached garage Rhu Lodge, Ferry Road, Rhu,  G84 8NF Approved  9/2
  17/00251/PP Change of use of shop to residential accommodation Shop Rhu House, Manse Brae, Rhu, G84 8RL Approved  9/2

27 Jan 2017


20 Jan 2017


13 Jan 2017

6 Jan 2017  16/03349/PP Erection of replacement single 

14 Ardenconnel Way, Rhu,  G84 8RZ

Approved 14/1