Felling in Highlandman and Torr Forest

The harvesting of timber from the woods  behind Rhu will start next Autumn. The 18 year (yes year!) plan includes the removal of all the trees.


The Contractor, Scottish Woodland Ltd,  

is eager to  minimise the disruption to the community.  However the proposed  extraction routes are down Station Road and Pier Road, so there will be disruption.

This map shows the extraction route.







We have also been sent a map showing the 

areas for the four felling Phases 

Phase 1 - 2015-2019

Phase 2 - 2020-2024

Phase 3 - 2025- 2029

Phase 4 - 2030 - 2014





They have also sent a timber management plan  which they prepared for an area in Cardross as an indication what to expect.


You can increase the size of the maps by holding down CTRL and clicking on + several times.