Residential Development   at Ardencaple Garden Centre:   17/00837/PP

A Planning Application has been submitted by Persimmon to build 76 units. 

Rhu and Shandon have objected to this development. You can read the representation by clicking here.



Resurfacing of existing sports pitch, installation of 8 flood lights and wire perimeter fence. 15/02729/PP 

  • Hearing date set for 14th April 2016 in Rhu and Shandon Community Council

  • Community Council Objection, lodged 16/12/2016.
  • This is on the Ardenconnell  Field where the Gala is usually held. It is MOD land.  
  • Plans can be viewed either in the Rhu Post Office or at the new Council Offices, 38 East Clyde Street.

The Report of Handling for this application has been posted on the Planning site but has not yet been considered by PPSLC. Approval is recommended subject to a Hearing, due to the large number of objections (27)  as well as an objection from Rhu and Shandon Community Council.  A Hearing is recommended as "it is considered to give added value to the decision making process".