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Bank Closures: Call for Views: Closes 13th April 2018 

The number of bank branches in Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond has halved in just eight years according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics.

The Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee are keen to find out how branch closures have impacted communities at as local a level as possible

The Committee wants to hear from as many people as possible (both as members of a community council, as a business owner or as an individual). 

For the call for views, there isn't a requirement to answer every question, only the ones that are relevant to you.

Future of Public Services in Scotland: 19th April - 21st June

Scottish Government is conducting a Local Governance Review (LGR) which aims to make sure local communities have more say about how public services in their area are run. 

The following event is the first stage of the process for our area.  

Future of Public Services - Your Voice - Helensburgh: May 1st 2018  Victoria Halls.

Exhibition open at 5.30pm.  Structured event: 6.30pm - 8.30pm;

There will  be an opportunity to meet some of the engagement team and view the exhibition, The event  is designed to ensure your views are shared through facilitated workshops and feedback.

To book your place at this event, click here

Your Service...Your Voice: Closes 14 May 2018

A consultation on the safe and planned future of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is transforming and we want you to be part of our decision-making process by giving you the opportunity to tell us your views and ideas on the future of your Service.

Start the consultation now

Your View Counts  Police Scotland Consultation

Information on the survey from Police Scotland

Tell us what is important to you in your community  – we need your opinion to inform our policing. Having your say in the decision making process of Police Scotland is a vital tool for residents of Scotland to be able to shape the way their public services should operate - and it just takes 5 minutes. We have listened to your feedback and used it to re-design and re-launch our consultation process for policing priorities, including the questions we ask. The process has evolved with support from key partners and stakeholders. Using a digital platform allows us to reach a much wider audience than ever before ensuring that everyone can have their say. The online consultation is open all year which allows you to take part when it suits you but also gives the flexibility of being able to re-submit the consultation if your priorities change. It's a very simple process that will shape the way that policing is coordinated across Scotland and in your local community. We will keep you updated on our quarterly results. The consultation will be a completely transparent process as it's all about your priorities. 

Take the survey here.



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